What would the fae want with someone?

Okay so long story short, I used to contact the fae all the time as a kid, and after that, I haven’t contacted them until recently. I’ve been having dreams of them, and now, I keep sensing and visualizing them. Just out of no where, I suddenly start sensing and seeing them. I get almost clear visions of them. It’s crazy.

Okay, with that quick summary, something seems off. What would they want with me?

I know the typical responses:

  • Help teach you things
  • Nothing, they’re just interested because of your magickal growth
  • Friendship

Yeah, I could already see those responses, but my point being, it seems there’s more to it. Do you get what I’m laying down? It’s like they’ve got a plan, but hey, I may just be paranoid.


You could have a common energy (vibration) as them and just naturally attract them. They probably will want to work with you.

Some people just naturally call particular types of entities to them. Take me for example, Dragons and me are like peas in a pod.


Maybe so, but I don’t understand why all of the sudden, though. Eh, they probably don’t understand the things I do either, haha. :sweat_smile:

It was like they were silent for so many years, but now they’re completely interested. Well, I did have a couple energy changes, so hmmm… :thinking::thinking:

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Know anything about dragonfairies?


The Fae kinda just do their own thing and there is no real rhyme or reason. So it’s hard to say what they would want with a person in general outside of whatever they tell you they want. Some want to teach and some just want to play with a friend, and some are just little assholes. Though if they want to teach you something it’s wise to listen. They don’t get given near the credit they deserve for the secrets that they hold.


The Fea are an odd bunch. It can take some time to figure out what they are thinking, but totally worth it.

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What do you want to know?


I think you put it perfectly.


Yeah, I expected that exact response, but thanks, though.

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Anything you can tell me. I didn’t know that they existed until recent experience. And Google is failing me.

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I’m afraid you likely won’t get a much better one lol

I knew a crazy old shaman that worked exclusively with them and they taught him a strange sort of universal code, as he put it. And it’s one of the most natural flowing and powerful systems I have experienced, but it takes near absolute dedication to it to use to its fullest potential.


I think, they want you to tell others, that they exist. That seems to be one of their agendas, when they contact a human.

I am quite sure you will find “The Fairy Trail” inspiring in connection with this:

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You might just attract those types of spirits naturally. I seem to draw animal type spirits like crazy, plants on occasion, and fae as well. I actually joked that I was surrounded by a menagerie of beast type spirits, and the next day my sister shows up with an Ark toy set for my nephew.

I used to talk to plants all the time and bring trees sugar water and food as a young girl. I don’t remember these things, but it used to really scare my mother. Any books I ever get on the fae always end up vanishing. 3 or 4 of them just poofed and I was never able to find them. I think all spirits have an agenda, but because the fae are their own thing, and don’t generally take as much of an interest in humans. Figuring out what that is can be tricky.


Guess who just so happened got “coincidentally” kidnapped astrally? :upside_down_face:

Seriously, what the fudge?! All I see is a throne room, and others staring at me like I’m an alien. :rofl:

Laughs nervously

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They are aspects of the God-Mind, your God-Mind and can boost you in particular ways -
They certainly can be friends, they ultimately serve the Source of all which resides within you also, in oneness and equality with all life- they wish for your growth. At the very least they can boost you in the Sacral chakra relation which is related to the fae kingdom

It is crucial to treat all beings with supreme respect from the heart, as the minimum - there is to know is that beings mirror how we treat them - but I assume you’re down on the positive side of things.

Keep communicating with them, ask them things, interact with them
asking you to open you up even more to their world, and to yourself, helping you to experience more wholesomeness, and you will see… :slight_smile: experiment… :slight_smile: maybe they have sigils to show you, places in nature. You can ask the source of all, the Almighty I AM-presence to boost you in that contact too if you wish, it helps to stabilize you in any contact in the cosmos. :slight_smile:

Keep exploring, maybe writing things down in general too, intuitively - and you’ll become good at this, being in a place where you can freely flow with your feelings, as you write and tune in to how they feel. Once you get that skill down, you’re opening yourself up to an infinitude of potential information from beings in general that will change your life forever. It is something anyone can do and is built to be able to do so, you’ll do just fine… :slight_smile: it’s a science having logic - being able to do that, so you’ll succeed with ease…; the more you write down your feelings, the more refined, detailed and accurate your information will be and your 3rd eye will begin to work properly…; :slight_smile:


Oh yeah, I’ve already been writing down my feelings for ages. Only tiny improvement.

Soooo I dunno if I’m insane because I think I was just told that they want me as a queen.
My goodness, that do indeed work in mysterious ways…

Anyway, am I crazy or is this possible? I remember as a kid I was told about me being a fae queen someday… I just don’t know if I’m continuously being delusional

crickets Anyone gonna answer that? Anyone at all?

Probably trying to mess with you. Not everything that pops into your life will be something that has your best interest in mind. Just think of all the imposter spirits that pop up to people claiming to be one Entity or another. Don’t trust everything.

If someone popped up and said that I’m a queen of this or the super special one who is the key to some great thing happening I personally wouldn’t trust it.


The fae are tricky and mischievous believe me, :sunny:
They are messing with you… playing with you haha :skull: