What would one do if someone sends a high level demon like Azazel, to curse you or attack you?

I’m curious on what one would do because I always want to be ready. Would Azazel (who is my patron deity, attack me or curse me if someone who works with him more is is closer to him than me send him to attack me?

Again, Not just for azazel, but demons in general. Again, I’m curious on what one would need to do to protect ones self. Because you never know who’s out to get you.


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Attack back? I mean I don’t find myself to be incapable of taking down a demon well known or not so well known. Shielding is one defense, albeit I don’t actively make shields, my energy field has a natural defense to it when someone sent parasites to me on accident when they meant to send to someone else, they were “killed” on contact which is good for me. However, learning psychic warfare is good for just in case moments, can’t say exactly what I’d do since it’s circumstantial.

Albeit I never had demons or anything target me despite my past ventures of making myself known in parts of the etheric, but in a positive way so maybe that’s why I don’t know.


I have read many posts similar to this recently and you may find them by using the search function.
That being said, my patrons would never ever attack me. They protect me and I wonder even what made this question pop into your head. It’s like your expecting an attack.
Do you have the basic banishings down, do you consecrate your space and tools, do you doubt your abilities?


Fight tooth and nail.
Kill, Crush, Conquor Destroy regardless who it is, physical or spiritual.
Make allies, learn/create destruction chants, create ways to devour.
Use every source you have available to you.
Don’t go picking fights but don’t put up with shit either.

Do whatever it takes to get stronger and make yourself a Terror.

When and if you are ever tested, you will be very surprised just how powerful you can be.
What you are capable of sometimes manifests without thought, almost as if it’s a automatic reaction if you have the fight in you.

Asking my Patron, I get a No we wouldnt.
Someone may attempt to send the same entity that you work with, it could be their own bane that gets sent and not the entitys.

Trust in those you work with and have allied with.


I wanted to add one more thing. This may be loved or challenged LOL

As I see it, the ancients have an incredibly high moral code, something humans have a hard time fathoming, but they know you inside and out,. This is so much deeper than I can find words for but i’m trying, if you are walking your right path, your actions are justified, your a true seeker of their knowledge, and you have gained their wisdom, no force can interfere with that. You essentially become off limits.


Have a nice cup of tea and a sit down, and turn it around.

You’re to know you are at the top of the hierarchy in your universe. KNOW it, not hope/believe/guess/have faith it is so.
I think getting pissed off about it is reasonable, and that energy can be useful, but If you approach this with the attitude that you can be beaten, that you are potentially weaker, you will be.

So first of all don’t sabotage yourself before it’s even happened, bone up on your tools and wrap your mind around that fact that you will use them effectively because you’re the only one in charge of your universe. Start on the high ground and keep it.


Well said and it’s the same attitude that I have. And it serves me well.

In my case, I simply command the entity to stand down and return to the nothingness where it came from. I also add that they must refrain from ever doing me any kind of harm for all eternity, regardless of circumstances. They are to only work with me when summoned to do so. When needed, I remind them that I’m the only one with authority over my reality, therefore my command must BE.

It works. But only when I vibrate in alignment with my command/intent.


I think separating real entities who can still harm you regardless of the belief that “if I say you cant you can’t” ideology is like telling someone they cant hit you with their car but then proceed to do it anyway. Belief like that only work on your personal thoughtforms, not entities who have nothing to do with your imagination.

I find it detrimental to have that kind of thinking because it just sounds like you’ll just be unaware that you’re being attacked because you choose to think you telling them no means they actually have to listen. Because I can assure you, if a being is out to attack you, you telling them no won’t do shit, just as if someone physical decides to attack you or run you over, or what have you, they can say no right back and do it anyway.



If there is a real baneful entity that really wants to hurt you, it could actually hurt you even if you commanded it not to.
While your physical body is sleeping, it could call legions of beings to fill your physical body with death energy and poison your energy body.
If it is powerful enough, it could probably shut down someone’s heart.

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I agree.



Been there, done that. Fortunately, I’ve got a rockin’ shield, and friends in high places.


I’ve never been in this position, but it reminds me of a dungeons and dragons joke of all things, but there may be some truth to it.

A group of three cultists captured the bard and took him to their dragon lord. The head cultist says, “My Lord, i have brought you this sacrifice and all this treasure.”

The dragon glares at the bard and asks, “Any last words?”

To which the bard replies, “Yes, mi’lord. I have brought you these three sacrifices and all this treasure.”

The dragon then smirks and says “duck” before unleasing his fiery breath on the cultists and flying away with the treasure.


I usually do the LBRP, when it comes to banishing, and I have my Black Dragon and Kitsune to help with that too. If consecrate means cleanse then yes, I cleanse most of my tools, my space, I don’t think I do, I just do the LBRP and put wards around my space. And for the third question, I doubt my abilities yes, but mostly because I don’t think I’m as skilled as I want to be, my main goal is it become a super powerful warlock and I don’t think I’m even HALFWAY there yet. I have the feeling I’ve only scratched the surface of my potential.

Any entity’s that would help me get stronger and learn how to conquer, devour and destroy my enemies? Could Lucifer or Azazel help with that? Or would Cthulhu be better suited for something like that?

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I’ve come under attack by some of the most dangerous and feared entities known to man. Yet, I am still here. I’m still here, hawking advice on this forum, even though I’ve had the likes of Met Kalfu, Dra’talon, Focalor, and others try to kill me. I’ve had some seriously baneful stuff thrown at me. I’ve survived, and I freed myself from the the curses and bindings. I’m doing much better than I was this time last year, despite the crap that was coming at me over the past year. I’ve had an ungodly amount of people come at me this past year alone (mostly local - the gossip mill is very active where I’m from, and one of Lilith’s demons was behind a lot of it - long story and I’m not going to tell it for vibrational reasons), and I’m still here. Them? Well, I’m sure you can guess. My worst enemy? My false self/ego.

My command works when I am in full alignment with what I want. The only time it’s not worked for me was when I wasn’t in alignment - fortunately, I’m very much in alignment with my desire to physically live on my terms… since I’m always telling the story that I want about that, but I haven’t always been in full alignment with my desire to clear the enemies out of my life and to put an end to their attacks. Hence there’s been a lot of momentum behind the idea that I’m under attack. It snowballed. I’ve now gotten to the point where the stream of enemies has slowed to a trickle (thank goodness) because I chose to ignore reality as it was, and now I’m telling the story that I want. It wasn’t easy, but it took me a year to slow the momentum to what it is now. That is the essence of vibrational management! Vibrational management is something that has to be practised daily.

I assure you, with full vibrational alignment (where the expectation matches the desire/intent), there isn’t anything in the Universe that will work against you even if they were sent by the most powerful magician in the world. The Universe doesn’t hear your words. It is your vibration that tells the true story - it is what you are vibrating in each and every moment that does the attracting of the wanted vs unwanted. The only one that can get in your way is YOU (namely, your false self or out-of-control ego).

As for something that attacks you in your sleep. I’ve been there, and I can tell you, that these things usually take time to establish themselves. At first, they’re weak and you’d have the advantage. You need to act quickly in these cases. A tip for anyone who finds themselves in this situation. Pazuzu, who exorcises people during sleep. Call upon him and command him to exorcise you every time you sleep. You could command him to protect you too. Give him the offerings he asks for, stick to the arrangement, and you have a certain amount of protection in place. But your best protection is your vibrational frequency. Keep it high, your enemies aren’t going to make a dent in you and your life.

To illustrate this: one day I was flying high in terms of my vibrational frequency. One of my enemies at the time sent a black angel to attack me. I saw it appear, then it went for me so quick I didn’t have time to react. It merely bounced off and disappeared. Had I been depressed or moody, or experiencing low emotions of any sort, that black angel would have had me.

Be careful of the stories you tell. Check your beliefs. They form your reality for you. This is something that I’m still learning, even though I’ve been on this path for over 3 years. :slight_smile:


You can will away things akin to thoughtforms, but most ‘real’ beings who attack you aren’t going to physically kill you. If anything they’re going to mess up your energy system or your life. They can push you to the very depths of insanity, depression, suicide, if they wanted to.

However, with astral critters/thoughtforms/what have you, you can command them away among other things, just not beings who aren’t thoughtforms.


Azazel, he will teach you what you need, which involves sending you those entitys that can best help you.
Any of the gate keepers.
Hecate, you can ask any of the entitys you work with.

Depends how far you want to go, it’s not always pretty, they make you dig deep. Do the ground work on empowering yourself to where you want to be.
And you’ll find they will empower you in other ways.

Infernalising your key energy points. (Chakras)
I recommend getting advice on this first and not doing it yourself, let those you work with do it. It can be dangerous and mess up your energy system.
Abbadon can teach you destruction chants.

Funny thing is when I learnt this, 2 weeks afterwards I had a experience where I used it to fend off an attack.
It reminded me of of a banishing but more destructive.
The energy just scattered.

You’ll find your good at certain things which will come naturally. Train yourself in what your not good at, to strengthen yourself as well.


:musical_note: You gotta know when to hold em, know when to fold em. :musical_note:

In case it wasn’t mentioned, here is a link to a shielding article: