What would I do with any written questions or requests of Clauneck?

If I were making contact with Clauneck, I would have A LOT of things to talk about. The questions keep popping in my head so I write them down and it’s become like a little book. My question is what would I do with all the papers I had written my questions or requests on, would I burn them or keep them under my pillow or…??

I’ve read a lot of different ideas from folks outside this particular form and as I trust this place to be a safe spot to lay it all out on, I would appreciate some comments on this question.

I am doing a daily ritual that involves burning of a page or two of the Bible daily, and I started with the Gospels. Its no reflection of any central hatred, only just the commission of an act of “evil” that has been suggested to me, and I’m batting 1000 on that.

So what to do next is my question.

I know that I’m jumping in head first, but I think that’s really important to keep up momentum. One because I just don’t have the funds to buy a course from E.A. or JD Temple et al.

I also have been told to be specific and I have a lot of nuts and bolts of things in my head. Clauneck has been the one to go to.

Originally it was Mammon, but that ended before it could start because he could be messing with me chaotically and I’d have to endure those hardships, possibly fo a very long time.

Questions, comments, suggestions, cheers and jeers are all welcome. Thanks everyone!


Id evoke Clauneck and just present him the things you have written and see what he says. That’s if you can even hear spirits. If not id still do it, im sure he’d find a way to answer your questions somehow.

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Fantastic! Thank You!!

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