What would be your ultimate thank you to a spirit?

From the tag, you can see that I’m specifically talking about Lucifer, I’m going to do a fairly in-depth ritual in which I want to give him a very emphatic thank you for everything he’s done for me. But I’m trying to come up with the perfect thing to do.

Is there is a spirit in your life that has moved your entire life into a much more desirable configuration, how did you show your devotion or dedication , what did you do in order to give more than just a drop of blood upon his sigil.

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Accidentally responded in the incorrect place.


Well, whatever it is that you have there, I can’t look at. LOL


Cool, thanks for the feedback.

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You are welcome sir.

Didn’t see this part :stuck_out_tongue:

What did your gut tell you? What do you feel is equal to what he did?

He talked me down from suicide, he saved my life. I’m wanting to do something that would be the ultimate thank you.

Maybe even a lifelong Pact.


One way I’m currently thanking him, is dedicating myself every full moon for 6 months.


A life long pact would be wonderful

I would say continual love and gratitude toward the specific Spirit.

Love and gratitude are extremely powerful in the energy/vibrations area, I know the spirits I work with seem to appreciate that the most.

On a mental/emotional level - what feels better than being loved and appreciated by someone you have helped?

Of course I just smoked a bowl, so this may be the green talking…


I know it’s been a few days since I started this thread, but I really wanted to show this.

So, myself and another Forum member went into the desert, and, what started off as a thank you for Lucifer, quickly evolve into a calling of three other entities, as well as a lifelong dedication to Lucifer.

Ever since I did the ritual, I noticed this mark on my left wrist.

It doesn’t hurt, but it honestly feels like a burn.

I suppose that my dedication was fully accepted.

The spot where that Mark is is normally covered up by a watch. I rarely remove that watch, except to shower. Nothing has bitten me, and I don’t have any sort of skin problems.

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