What would be a good offering to a demon?

I got 2 questions.

  1. How do I offer something? Just place it on my coffe table just before charging the sigil and chant the enn?

  2. What does Belial like to be offered? I read something that I hold as personal value. Food that I like? A banana? Seriously?

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Well just to give you an example. My temple is my livingroom. They are my guests so i place the offering before the ritual on the opposite side of me and leave it there for the night or a few hours during the day.

After i’ve charged the sigil i ask my question and say that there is an offering for our workings.


Alright I call on Belial by staring at his sigil and chant his enn. Then I put the offering at the table and let it be there over night.

Is there an offer that can piss a demon off? As I understood it Belial wants stuff that I hold personal value, for example I take an herb that is called ashwagandha almost everyday, I put the herb, capsules, on the table and call on him.

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Good you’ve asked, look around also (search button) before you evoke him. They like that you do some work on forehand.

You have to decide if you want to give an offering already or if he completes a task. With a task on hand the last thing would be more preferable.

Oh and I would advise a little initiation or call meet and greet before you come with a task. Mostly we rush into things and we notice that it didn’t work.

Offerings: Alcohol, blood (and look around or ask him). Remember if you can’t hear them trust your inner voice or images or thoughts after the ritual.


I did speak to experienced magicians here at the forum in other threads and in PM, I called on him and told him if he helps me I will make a pact and work with him further and buy material on him. I need his help with stuff I told him. I have pretty serious magicians as enemys. I wanted results first before offerings I told him. But I was thinking giving him an offer anyway to show him how serious Iam.

I told him this and one night after I tried to call on him, I saw a wheel of fortune in my minds eye with the eyes closed and other mechanical wheels and felt something jumped in my mind, an energy and I fell asleep.

Did not think anything special when calling on him, tried several times. Laying down, sitting up, standing up, as I understood it he does not require any special clothing or any clothing at all.

So that is common when calling on a demon? You can give the offer afterwards… always??

Then I should try calling on dantalion, lucifer, bael and king paimon.

Why Iam telling you this is because Ive already called on duke cohzier and Belial. I hope the energies does not interfere with eachother.

Thats really what I did, draw Belial sigil, stare at it and chanted his enn. told him honestly what I wanted and gave him much respect.

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Well that’s on you, An entity could respond with a ‘no’ and then you have given your offering.

On the other hand I don’t think it is the case with Belial. With Lucifer I give offerings like he is my guest in my house. So on forehand and after that.

Please inform with the entity you call if you can work with multiple spirits on the task. Otherwise they could get insulted or stop working


Alright I should go and ask Belial about duke cohzier then.

I do not know how he will answer me.

Thank you for all the help.

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When calling on belial one stares at his Sigil and chant his enn ”Itz Racha Belial” first loud, then wisper then silent.

I do not know how to look for answers, Im going to try to ask him about if I can use other spirits. I write later if I got any results. Any answers.

My problem is related to love, reputation and magickal attacks.

Belial did not answer me. Think I started to create my own voice though. How does he communicate to you?

King Paimon can fix nearly anything, I only say “nearly” as a safety net.

He is a Great being and is kind and very receptive. But he does require you put in work…


hi i just wanted to ask if it is okay if i use my own blood? and if it’s alright to use a syringe needle instead of a iron knife? where will i put the blood if ever? how many candles do i need and what color? what offering should i give? any paper will do right? what if he doesn’t show up or do something so that i know when he’s actually summoned? will i see him, hear him and talk to him? how can i summon Satan himself? is it safe? im sorry i asking you a lots of questions, im just curious and i wanted to get started and also know more. :slight_smile:

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Welcome @veronicas_corner. Please post an introduction in the NEW MAGICIAN AND INTRODUCTIONS area, and tell us about yourself and any experience in magick you may have. It is a rule of this forum.

I could actually use some help on this, planning to summon Decarabia but I can’t find any good offerings to give. Kinda sucks. :slightly_frowning_face:

if not I’ll just use a considerable amount of blood. Anything to work really because I’m planning on making a long term connection with this demon.

Chocolate and fine wine