What would a fictional world that accepts magic as a reality be like?

I think it wouldn’t be too different from how it would usually be. When you see a fantasy world, it’s usually stuck in medieval times. Sure, they’ll be your occasional witch, wizard, cleric, or some other spell caster, but magic never advances the society in ways of technology or appliance.

Crowley stated that science is often finding scraps of ancient wisdom and making a fuss over its cleverness. This means to say science is rediscovering what magicians has known for centuries.

In the anime, Fairy Tail, they have technology that runs on magic. I enjoy the show, but not for that aspect. Magic is seen as wondrous, even miraculous. The reason is because its rare and always has a sense of mystery. What other fictional universes do right is make those who practice magic, or possess strange abnormal powers, be a rare few in comparison to the majority. There’s that common theme of a special powered hero fighting a special powered villain to protect regular people, and that the obtaining of these special powers comes with a sense of responsibility for the hero. If too many people had access to these special powers, it’ll make these powers not so special. Even the ancients would horde magical knowledge from the many. However, today, the information is far less elusive. Though not everyone has the interest or patience for magic in the same way not everyone cares to be a scientist. So what balances it out is people’s interests.

What makes mundane science different from magic is that it deals with the practical as opposed to the abstract which is the domain of magic. The creation of technology (devices, appliances) helps to provide to the majority masses the ability to advance their own lives into greater comfort. It doesn’t take much to operate the most basic tech. Magicians are often put through training and education just to do the most basic spell work.

Where science and magic have commonalities is in the intellectual aspect. Both require learning various subjects. Though they differ in where these subjects go. However, both seek to understand the universe around us. And this can mean opposing popular beliefs and view points. During the dark age where religion held domain, both science and magic were viewed as “devilry.” Today, science rules the land and has become something of the new religion in that it has a rather dismissive attitude for anything that challenges it.

Though when it comes to who makes the laws and what these laws are based on, I’d rather state that “Man must rule over man.” This is another way to say “Separation of church and state.” Laws must be made through humanism, which means the focus should not be on God(s), should apply the scientific method, and should be used to benefit the people. Society can be religiously and spiritually all inclusive, but government must not. Laws should be based on scientific evidence, not belief or personal spiritual gnosis. That is until the existence of spirits can be scientifically proven to the masses and open communication can be made. Even so, leaders can consider their words as advice, not demands.

For science and magic to co-exist, it requires science to recognize magic as a real thing.

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I heard the path to happiness is AWE & ever questioning wonderment. Magic provides that and even has the taboo aspect + curiosity & the cat.

It would be different but you’d still have the asshatery of fellow humankind.

But how fictional is it? The concept of we think it and it is comes to play. Maybe that’s how creation works. We just can’t interact with our creations of thought. We could literally be thought beings from an older being. Just thought into existence.

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