What will you do

This happened to me today. How would you feel if your some of your classmates saw some photos on your phone that made them know that you are a left hand path and voodoo practitioner? What if they spread it to the others?


Been there, done that, or more accurately left my old grimoire out by mistake. However as a)I was one of the better if not best fighter in my small school, thus physical bullying was ill advised b)Totally unconcerned with name calling c)Had friends that were either into the occult themselves or couldn’t care less that I was, the whole incident ended up not mattering too much. Though my religious studies/homeroom teacher did try to convince me of the evils of witchcraft whenever I got detention afterwards.


Humor is the fastest way to murder the shit out of gossip.


I get met with curiousty than hostility most of the time if it does happen.


I’d be annoyed with myself for not being more careful, accept the consequences and chalk it up to experience.


1/4 of my school thought I was a lunatic satanist and probably the next school shooter, 1/4 thought I was just weird, very small few were my friends and the rest had no idea who the hell I was. They couldn’t do anything to me and anything they might say outside their groups just wouldn’t be believed.

Don’t worry about it. Deal with the rumors only if they actually cause issues. In my experience it was one of the things that made the day worthwhile were the little doses of chaos.


Thanks guys for all the advice. Sorry I didn’t reply earlier. I was really busy with church activities in my school. I did laugh it off though and one wanted me to help him do some spiritual stuffs but I said I don’t have any idea of that kind of stuff.

Do you think it’s best not to use an occultic wallpaper or I can use one?

Whatever you want! If you’re worried about explanations, make it something groovy like a flag or weird art piece, but if not, just draw a sigil and use that! :slight_smile:

Okay thanks.

Here is some fun. Show them a picture of a sigil on your cellphone and give them a scare. If you know the Cuck in question is into sex and relationships…then show Asmodeus sigil should give em a scare.

Did it one time because some idiot (not a christian, but annoying nonetheless) was like “we are watching you” and I am all like “So you are here. Now what.” Lol. I do not care as I am used to being watched anyway it really isnt my concern.


True. Laughter is considered an instant frame breaker, or as bhuddhists say: mini enlightenment.
It’s really the fastest way to pattern interrupt someone who’s trying to attack you verbally.
Since it overwrites the mental state of the person trying to lower your status amongst the community,
as well as the mental state of the community.
Usually the one who started accusing is viewed as a freak / idiot when attempting several times with failure.




Well, the wallpaper thing is not a big deal at all because most guys would think that I’m just into spooky goth stuff or just ‘in a phase’. But if someone actually came to ‘know’ that I’m a magician then I would act like it’s not a big deal and laugh it off. If they spread it others then I would keep my cool and be sarcastic about it forever, but if things start to get out of hand and they try to get me in trouble then I would clearly tell 'em to stay in their limits and kindly shut up and stop being nosy, if they doesn’t stop their shittiness or behave rudely to me then I would scare them so badly that they will self-hex themselves.

If they saw me using this forum then I would tell them that I’m a troll and then the first thing I would do would be changing my display picture and then contacting Lady Eva to change my username.

If someone spreads any information (true or false, it doesn’t matter) about you behind your back then they are not your true friends.
Always remember, not everyone we talk to is our friend.


Who said there’s only friends around you anyways.
I think many here on balg know quite a bit about being bullied, or having issues to take care of,
it’s not like anyone it pampered around here.

Makes sense, except the troll thing.
Honestly, most could probably learn something on here and be thankful to you forever.

But i guess that point of view hasn’t even been considered to you, right?




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Mmm… okay :sweat_smile:

Nope, not really, but it’s just not worth it according to me, at this time. I always think about “risk vs reward” in these type of situations, the highest risk here is being known as the devil by my entire city and getting my life in danger and the biggest reward would be introducing someone to great powers and helping them realize their true strength. Getting my life or my family’s life in danger is simply not worth the risks here. And I don’t owe anybody anything and it’s none of my business to take the first step to introduce them to occult. I would definitely teach them what I know and answer all their questions that I can answer, but only if they’re genuinely interested and they take the first step to want to know about occult.
Not to mention, most people have their head far up their ass and they won’t listen to us, no matter what happens.


Thats true

One of them still went ahead to tell others. They wanted me to show them the pictures onmmy phone but i declined.

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