What will it be like for humans in the next post apocalypse world?

Celtic Cross spread. DuQuette Ceremonial Magic deck.
Significator - Five of Discs - Lord of Material Trouble - Mercury in 0’-10’ Taurus.
Covers them - XIX Sun - Sol - Agency of Regeneration.
Crosses them - Eight of Swords - Lord of Shortened Force - Jupiter in 0’-10’ Gemini.
Crowns them - Queen of Discs - Water of Earth - 20’ Sagittarius to 30’ Capricorn.
Beneath them - Five of Wands - Strife - Saturn in 0’-10’ Leo.
Behind them - XVIII Moon - Pisces - Agency of Organization.
Before them - IX Hermit - Virgo - Law of Response.
Querent - Seven of Cups - Lord of Illusionary Success - Venus in 20’-30’ Scorpio.
Environment - Princess of Swords - Earth of Air - Capricorn Aquarius Pisces - R.
Hopes/Fears - Queen of Swords - Water of Air - 20’ Virgo - 20’ Libra - A.
Final Outcome - Six of Cups - Lord of Pleasure - Sol in 10’-20’ Scorpio.
Shadow - Three of Discs - Lord of Material Works - Mars in 20’-30’ Capricorn.

So …

Of course there was fighting, wars, material trouble still exist, but there was safety and healing. There were some hidden dangers or enemies, and the watering down of thought.
There will be mystics or an approach like that for the average person, it will be a fair age, though two rulers of the same force look in different directions. Though in the end, it was just fine - and improves. The enochian letters from the courts are NRA. Hmm…

Could be earlier than expected…

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There will be lots of mulleted people wearing bedazzled Quacker Factor drip dry bri-nylon numbers who will believe that their survival skills garnered through couponing and watching pap-tv as well as developing a soda or beer belly the size of a small continent will somehow make them the chosen few to repopulate the earth once the proverbial hits the fan.

No doubt these ones will have worked out an off the grid method to hook up their motability scooters to some from of new power source given that we will be having a nuclear winter and solar energy might be something of the past.

Personally I’d be looking for the quickest way out but not before grabbing the Beloved and giving him a final fuck to remember well into the next life before we both reincarnate.

udachee moy droog :exploding_head:

Go find “The Bedsittingroom” on Youtube - it’s very surreal

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