What, why?!

So i was reading through certain texts about the vampyric path. i read that once you consume the life force(blood) from another living being, your damned. why? can anyone elaborate please?

I need more information. What texts? I’ve never devoured another’s blood but I have taken chunks of their energy through Astral Vampirism.

And besides, damned is a loose term. Technically, anyone who gets on a vampire’s bad side- especially a powerful one- is damned. Got a cult after your head? Yeah, you’re probably damned. A god? I’d say you’re damned.

The only enemies that I’ve encountered so far through Vampirism were three dead guys who acted like dream eaters and a lesser spirit. With the meditation for invoking planets worth of elements given to me by the Black Sun, I steamrolled them.

Honestly, if you think you’re damned, screw the things trying to damn you. Eat them. You’re a vampire, no? Too strong? Get a demon. Make a few thoughtforms. Enlist the methods of Uncle Chuckie if it’s a human opponent.

Seriously, I’ve had some great power within this path. Just dismiss what you either A) Don’t get from a more modernized text, B) Don’t learn from a much more experienced creature (Sorcerer, demon, god, or otherwise) or C) Was written when the Catholic Church had dominion over pretty much everything.

so it doesnt mean damned like eternally, spirit wise? lol and i apologize i meant like forums. i thought EA mentioned it in the ebook BALG.

I’m not a spirit, I can’t tell you. Evoke something or do a little divination if you’re that curious.

While your heart still beats, rip others out. Motto of the vampire path.

lol sounds interesting.

Sounds like Biblical reference to me. The blood is the life and one is not to eat the flesh with the blood in it. Just another heretical act to make people feel like they’re rebelling or doing something to get over their Christian hang ups.