What we love about BALG and the people here

This thread is to counter all the negitvaty that has been going on in the political threads. Here there will be NO negitvaty or politics.

This thread is to say somthing we love about BALG and/or the people on here. This will also be an area wher people can find helpful links if the are In crisis. I will have Lady Eva provide a list of the links on this thread.

I will start.

What I love about BALG and the people here, is the fact that everyone is welcomed with open arms and the diversity of ideas and methods and view pionts freely shared.

Ok what I love about BALG and the people here…I love that you are never told thats impossible, you cant do that, there are laws against it. Also I love that Im not told Im totally bat shit crazy…but which I probably am because we go a little crazy sometimes!!
Also I gotta give a shout out to Lady Eva I dont think there will ever be a topic or problem that she couldnt provide the serious information on, give wonderful links, or at least point you the right way to discover what you need. I cant imagine all time and research it takes. And the memory abilities lol

Anyway there are some wonderful people on here with great information, experiences and wisdom. Keep up the work! I <3 u guys!!

Do you mean this? :slight_smile:

[quote=“Lady Eva, post:13, topic:8770”]Okay, if you’re having thoughts of hurting yourself, it is important that you discuss them with someone who is qualified to help, such as a crisis helpline in your country. Please visit this link to find the appropriate number:


If you feel that you may be an immediate danger to yourself, please call your local emergency number or go to your local hospital emergency room right away. If you are unsure of the right number to call, please visit this link and call the number next to the country where you are located:


This forum cannot assist you if you feel this way, so please seek help from a medical professional if that’s where you’re at right now.[/quote]

Here are some additional contacts:

US: 1-800-273-TALK (1-800-273-8255)

US LGBTQ Youth (the Trevor Project): 1-866-488-7386

US Veterans Crisis Line: 1-800-273-8255 (press 1)

Canada: 1-800-784-2433

International: Befrienders Worldwide http://www.befrienders.org/

Australia: 13-11-14 (lifeline) or 1-800-55-1800 (kids help line for 5-25 yrs old)

UK Samaritans: 116 123 (UK) & 116 123 (ROI) free of charge, or e-mail: [email protected]

Almost every country has a similar crisis line and people who are waiting to hear you out, and help as much as possible.

This is also very thought-provoking, especially for anyone dealing with shame over feeling, or having felt, that their life had become unliveable: http://www.metanoia.org/suicide/

Sometimes I get PMs from people who are very distressed, and I’ve been through some very tough times myself when I was in my 20’s, with clinical depression and adverse life circumstances, I mean I KNOW firsthand what it’s like to feel at the end of yout tether, battery life down to zero, no hope and no clear way out, and reaching for anything that might help.

For that reason, I feel it IS very important to make sure people have somewhere to turn, and that they get appropriate help, by making sure people have these links.

So yes, for anyone having some kind of serious crisis, feeling really hopeless, please for the love of all that’s holy AND (because, this forum!) UNHOLY, get some help.

I’ve been there, and I now have a flourishing, happy, successful life, plenty of love and fulfilling things in it, and goals and plans for the future, and beyond my own lifetime, which (to answer the first part of your question Ozraga) I described in my personal “manifesto”: Theogenesis: Becoming A Living God.

^ That’s my goal folks - literal godlike ascent for myself, of course, and also all humans who desire it and are capable of bringing what it takes to the table.

The old era of slavery to a single “God” and its annointed puppet men is OVER - we have the power now.

And if anyone thinks that’s a cult, you’re welcome to send me my limos and shit, of course, maybe even a coterie of besotted young movie stars (Matt Smith will do for starters!) but meanwhile, I’ll be busy working away in relative privacy, and peace, and quiet… :smiley:

What do I love about the people here? Solid friendships as well as passing moments of inspiration, formed from a similar aspirational sense of staking out new territory, being able to be brave, explore what was once forbidden and secret, speak goals freely without having to conform to any old dead dull orthodoxy.

We are each the gods of our own creation, and every new person who joins is taking that first step towards a better future. :heart:

(Edited to add in additional numbers above.)

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Yes Lady Eva that is exactly what I was talking about and the additional links are a wonderful idea.

Shall do, it’s on my other laptop & I’ll transfer it over to here. :slight_smile:

I’m also working on a thread for all the books about what you could broadly call psychology, self-development, that kind of stuff, because I know this makes me a stronger person as well as aiding in magick, and I started typing that yesterday but please bear with me because I want to get all the links and details right. :slight_smile:

I have shared quite a lot on the forum of what helped me, but it’s pretty scattered as replies to other people and it would be nice to upgrade it into one place - also, hopefully other people will be able to contribute what has helped them in terms of books and methods (things like EFT for example) and that will also be a resource for anyone who’s having a bit of a rough time right now.

I KNOW some of these ideas have literally saved my life, by giving me something to fall back on, and I want for everyone to have access to the same support I had, in order to be able to move into their true power.

A lot of the things that bug us are merely ghosts of past programming, for example when I decided to commit to the LHP I did what the 12-step groups call a “frank and fearless moral inventory” and I was a bit sad to see that some things which had caused me guilt and self-blame were actually being run from a totally different viewpoint to my own, but since they were put there at a young age, they’d taken root and flourished, unexamined, and were still somewhat feeding on my life-force!

So I would like for every magician who wants it., to be able to have all the tools to get free of these things in their own lives, because while our destinations and even aspirations may differ, as I stated before:

"Some magicians are definitely more powerful, skilled, experienced, and favoured than others, though I’m not sure that cuts across conventional demographics of income, IQ, and so on, and work will ALWAYS pay off.

The goal of anything I personally share on here, and (I believe) the goal of BALG’s way of teaching is to offer people tools, resources, and skills on an equal basis and then let them take those as far as they are personally willing and able to do so.

Spirits seem to be the world’s biggest equal opportunity employer, when it comes to working with people of either sex, any racial/ancestral background, and they sure as hell don’t care if you’re rich - outsiders of all kinds have found a place in the past working with spirits, or in some cases serving their gods, that they would not have found in more conventional lines of work. And Kings, Queens, and aristocrats are equally represented in magick.

The spirits don’t need humans policing them, nor acting as gatekeepers to keep out the unworthy, because they’re perfectly capable of handling this themselves.

So, I can get behind equality of opportunity 100%, which is why I share large chunks of my work on here, but almost never behind the implication this will result in equality of results, because that usually means either condescending to people, or trying to drag the powerful down a notch or two."

I’ve not led a “perfect” life (if there even is such a thing? lol!!) - I’ve overcome depression, what was very nearly a full-fledged eating disorder, and an addiction to alcohol, and I think the inner need for extremes and the high standards that fed into these are things that a lot of people drawn to magick have in themselves - we like power, and the feeling of power, and we’re impatient and not given to being made to wait quietly in line, or “take life on life’s terms.”

I found a healthy outlet for these things through a lot of those books and resources, so, on the off-chance someone reading this might be as screwy as me :o) I’ll share them in a seperate thread, inviting people to add what they’ve found useful as well (because I’ve certainly only scratched the surface of what’s out there) and back-link it to here if that’s okay with you? :slight_smile:

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I enjoy the majority of maturity and rational behavior that goes with this forum, as opposed to others that claim to be morally superior.

I like the over all willingness to input and not stick to clicks, something i find in a lot of forum is how people will totally ignore a thread or a post and it seems to sad.

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That would be perfectly fine with me Lady Eva. :slight_smile:

I like chatting with people of like mind to stimulate my intellect.

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I am glad to see this thread is doing well and I do hope that it has been helpful to anyone.

It has helped me :slight_smile:

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[quote=“iratecaller”]What I love about BALG, (i’ll get to the forum in a bit) is the no nonsense, practical approach to transforming our blocked and brainwashed minds into the closest thing to actual free will any of us can imagine. Free will, as in:

Freedom to project myself into someone else’s dreams and have them tell me about it. Nobody knows I practice.

Freedom to transfigure myself almost overnight and have people offer me lucrative opportunities.

Freedom to remove myself as a target of negativity by detecting it and countering it.

Also, I think sorceresses are hot, not just their flesh but their minds, and I let myself fantasize a bit. Nothing gross, it just romanticizes magick a bit more for me. Can’t deny sexual energy in ritual. Besides all sexes get to mingle here without any weirdness and stupidity, so what’s not to love.

What I love the most about BALG is how YOU are free to write everything your heart desires and I get to devour your flames and feed my own. Hopefully I can give something back in return, be it encouragement, my own anecdotes or of course, my approach to various forms of sorcery I practice.

I am a black magician, I feed on this shit!

I agree!! And there is sexual energy in ritual and magick. Dont worry your not the only one who fantasizes!

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