What was your most intense ritual?

What was the most intense ritual you’ve ever preformed, what was it for, and what did it feel like? I’m trying to learn as much as I can about everyone else’s magickal practices, so that I can continue to grow in my own, so please share your stories here!


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Baneful ritual at 3am with Marbas. It was intense and powerful. A couple attacked my reputation through false lies so I turned their life upside down. I am forever grateful to President Marbas who destroyed the living sh*t out of this couple within 5 months. Now they have no family nor friends and are in isolation. And I’m sure as days go by their marriage will dissolve. Hail Marbas!..and the funny thing is I really am a sweet person. I would never harm anyone. BUT IF SOMEONES GOING TO THROW IN THE FIRST PUNCH…I will go after them.


That is heaven for me.

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love this