What was your first big challenge as a black magic practitioner?

I’m talking life and death type challenges, like you must make it.

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I was in legal trouble where I was falsely accused of assaulting my son’s mother. When I got released on bail I had 24 hours to figure something out. I called King Paimon into my life, and He granted me the silken tongue to make the judge see things my way during the trial that followed, and to allow circumstantial evidence and witnesses that the DA fought tooth and nail to keep out of the proceedings. When all was said and done I walked away with no conviction or penalties. It was the only magick in desperation that has ever worked for me, and to this day I still cannot figure out why this worked so well. With my previous criminal record (drug charges and scofflaw violations), coupled with a few other factors I was facing jail. It did not happen, though.


The first big challenge of a sorcerer, is what bridges their path from dabbler to practitioner. Every threshold is marked by its own challenges, though ideally, the first one is the worst. A rite of passage, as it were.

In my case, it was a matter of losing everything I had, in order to acquire everything that I should have had. It was a matter of developing the backbone to stand up for myself, and use magic for action, rather than mere introspection, at best.

So, my first big challenge, would have to have been turning my life from a toxic, and suicidal environment, into the foundations of what I have become now-and will be in the future.


Doesn’t the step from dabbler to practitioner include development of resolve and will, as well as routinely doing activities, meditation, rituals and so on with offerings?

Putting it like that implies it is something which is meant to happen overnight. For some, this may be the case.

However, the leap from dabbler, to practitioner, is the leap from curious bystander, to at the very least a hobbyist.

Nothing does that better than a result which shakes the foundations of your belief system. Conquering an insurmountable obstacle, is one type of result which may assemble this. One which will either produce fear, or fascination, both of which may lead further into the craft, or away from it.


Hmmm. Probably magick to keep my sorry ass out of the hoosecow too. It worked though. I evoked Bael and Belial, to grant me invisibility and immunity and twice a day I would chant some Hanuman mantra and I guess it worked.