What was this?

I apologize if this isn’t the correct board to post this on.

Several months ago someone did something to hurt me. Something that broke me to my core and it’s taken me almost 8 months to recover from. I’m better now, have my strength back and will be working with a certain spirit to carry out my revenge - this is not something I can or am willing to just forget and move on. I need my own justice for once.

Anyway, today a random tagged picture on facebook popped up with said person just living their best, happiest life with not a care in the world …that triggered something in me that I have NEVER experienced before. I’ve been angry at people and I’ve truly hated people before, but nothing ever happened like this.
I suddenly was just overcome with this intense anger, so intense that I swear to you I could feel my blood moving through my entire body. It felt like time stopped and I became hyper aware of every artery and vein in my body. I wanted to scream in anger, but instead an image of this person flashed into my mind - an image so real, I felt as if I was seeing them in real time. At work, walking to their car, could even smell the cologne. I could feel myself glaring at them, getting ready to just scream and then suddenly they were totally surrounded by orange and red light. Like just an explosion all around and then totally consuming them.

Felt fine afterwards.

I obviously don’t think I did anything to the person, but I’ve also just never experienced something like that before. It was so real! The spirit I will be working with is known for revenge work and while I haven’t called on him just yet, I have been carrying his sigil with me everywhere for about two weeks now and getting major signs of his presence. Do you think it could be connected to that, or just an intense moment of anger?


I’d say definitely connected to that. This person is heading for a magickal mauling!


Thank you! I’ve been wanting to work with Haures for quite a while now but kept putting it off until I had dealt with the emotional issues caused by that person (I wanted to be strong for this). It’s been over a month now that I was drawn to Haures and I finally feel like I’m ready and the signs he’s been giving me seem to point to him telling me that as well.

Now to work =)

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