What was this entity doing in my room (possibly triggering for some!)

This happened around November 2020 or December 2020 or possibly January 2021, so this was a pretty recent event but it still weirds me out. My friend gave me an explanation for it but I don’t always trust her senses die to her working with imposter spirits.

One night I was passed out in bed laying on my left side with my pink Himalayan salt lamp on and I got this weird sense that I needed to wake up because there was something in my room. So I did. Immediately I could hear whispering and sense a presence floating above me, just a few inches away from my body. It was a white wispy mist like entity that looked androgynous, but more feminine. It had bat like wings and very long horns and a long thin tail, like the typical Christian depiction of a succubus or incubus.

I didn’t feel threatened, in fact, it’s presence was actually very relaxing, but my room smelled a lot different than normal, a subtle sweet scent that calmed me down. I suspect the entity’s pheromones. It just kept stroking me down my side over and over again, from my head all the way down to my knees. It didn’t touch me inappropriately.

I woke up 5 times that night with it on top of me, doing the same thing. Every time I woke up I would hear it whisper “Child, go back to sleep.” And I would pass out within 5 minutes. I’m an insomniac, so when I usually wake up abruptly, it takes thirty minutes to an hour to go back to sleep at night, so this night’s sleeping pattern was very unusual for me.

It almost gave me Asmodeus vibes but I’m almost a thousand percent sure it wasn’t him.

When I finally woke up in the morning to get ready for the day, it was gone and I didn’t feel any different or more exhausted than usual. I actually felt fantastic.

But I think it is still in my house somewhere, this only happened one time

What was this thing up to? Who was it? Friend or foe? Has anyone else experienced something similar? And what is recommended for me to handle this?


Were you in a half-asleep state when this happened? Something similar happened to me too.

This was also last year around November/December, I woke up in the middle of the night, still sleepy and everything was black. Normally the room I slept in was not dark because of the streetlight outside but it was dark then, and I saw some neon blue creatures and possibly a reindeer of the same color walking about. Everyone left a trail of light behind them, like a flowing cloth. Then I realised my head was on someone’s lap, and they were female. They had long, flowy sleeves and were waving(?) their hands around my body, head to toe, then circled back up. I was very confused. I didn’t move, not because I was paralyzed, but because I knew if I moved I’d gain conciousness and I’d wake up, causing whatever this was to end.

Then she chuckled, and told me to just relax and continued what she was doing. It felt very relaxing, like a massage, and I relaxed completely and slept probably the deepest sleep ever (without being sick!). I also didn’t dream that night, which is a bit unusual because I dream pretty much daily.

I never paid much attention to it but now that you mention it…I probably should’ve done some divination on it. I was a newbie then and brushed it off thinking it was one of my guides, because I was in a rabbit hole of information and was (still am) very giddy about anything to do with them.

Edit: I started drawing a protective sigil on my hand before I slept after that. Didn’t have a borderline OBE experience like that again, but my guides still come through in dreams.

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I was fully awake, wasn’t paralyzed and lifted my head to look at it and also checked my pillow to make sure I wasn’t astral projecting or I should have seen my sleeping form in front of me. I was fully conscious and aware.

My friend foolishly claims that she’s a demon, I only recently discovered that who she claims to be related to might just be an imposter that she trusts and she told me that it was an incubus relative of hers named Kia and he was just there to feed. And that he was not a threat.

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I don’t know much about incubi, so I can’t really say anything on what happened.

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That’s okay, there’s always the off chance that someone else on the forum might have experience with this

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The problem is that spirits can appear however they want, so it could be anything that wants to mimic that type of signature, to cause it to look that way to you.

I would call up Lilith and see if it is one of hers. That will at least eliminate one category. If you trust.your senses, then ask her for advice on how to proceed.


Never worked with Lilith before in any way, shape, or form. I hear she can be intense sometimes. Might be time to consider working with her…

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Not saying you have to work with her, but if you have a means of communication and know she’s there, then that could help adjust your approach toward dealing with this intruder.

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Don’t be put off by experiences of others. Lilith herself has too many sides to her to only label her in one section of Intensity (which she’s very good at not going to lie) She can be very helpful in the category of truly finding out what your dealing with in the long run. But again no worries of jumping into things in a ice cold lake fashion. Taking considersation here is a great start. Hope all is well.

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Sounds like an angel, air sylph, or friendly spirit.

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I would call up Lilith and see if it was her child.

Just ask it’s name next time. It’s something i learned the hard way. If an entity appears in your room and wants to interact with you, unless it creeps the helloutofyou just ask it’s name.
Had an interesting interaction with an entity that’s apparently both an Orisha and a Catholic Saint the other day. I had told myself in the past i wasn’t open to work with the beings of that group before but… just asking the name will probably start something. Usually cool.
I won’t mention the name because it’s still kinda of an ongoing event but in the doubt, just ask the name.