What was the point of Ceremonial Magick?

Are all those particular and rare instruments really needed?
What caused them to be so relevant?
If that stuff is so important to obtain results, why do modern magicians and grimoire avoid this approach?
Are there any ways to bypass original ceremonial magick?

Honestly, you might as well ask what’s the point of building altars, lighting incense, sucking demon dick, or dancing naked around a bonfire.

The answer is, because it all serves the purpose of getting the magician where they want to go.

Because a lot of modern magicians don’t understand it, but there are also many modern magicians that do practice it.

Simple. Find something else that appeals more to you. Personally, I detest the religious approach of demonolatry, for example, and find that the more ceremonial aspects of ritual stimulate my intellect and creativity more.


It depends on what magick you are practicing. If it is invocation of spirits, then not necessarily.

They have power and use.

Most of the modern texts you see are quite popular, are they not? This is because heavy ritual with great effort is not appealing to most people. They would rather perform a quick 3 minute ritual and then be done with it. That is how you get their attention, and the reason why so many modern grimoires taking this approach, as they wish to appeal to a wider audience.

If someone is constantly looking for ways to bypass it, they do not understand that all instruments have power. Everything is infused with spirit, and the spirit (“energy”) within these instruments have their own quality. Even every moment has its own quality, and traditional astrology is a good way of seeing the quality of each moment. Everything is spiritually linked in this cosmos.