What was the 'game changer' for your practice?

I’ve gone through periods of time where I felt ‘stagnant’ and that my routine had become stale. It was like a plateau, and no matter what, progress seemed very distant and sometimes even unreachable for me. I’m sure a lot of us have felt this way for one reason or another.

What was the moment that turned everything around for you? Was there a book that opened your eyes to a new kind of practice, or an exercise that you implemented into your routine that helped you achieve your goals faster? A new mindset? A meditation that led you to a revelation?

Or maybe you didn’t have a moment at all, and things have just been steadily progressing since you began.

For me, I started practicing yoga, and have felt myself and the world around me change in numerous ways. I feel myself progressing as a witch, but also as a woman with depression and anxiety. Getting over certain hills that I’ve had a difficult time climbing has made all the difference in growing towards my goals. I am more sensitive to energy, I go deeper into meditation, and I keep having revelations that change my entire way of thinking and feeling.

I just want to read about everyone else’s trials and experiences before getting to the point where they felt that they finally ‘got it’.

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An euphoric, energetic sensation inside my body during a meditation when I was calling to an entity. Up to that point I had had these brief periods of occult interest that all fell flat eventually because I felt like I wasn’t progressing but this time the experience boosted my motivation. I have also found new helpful YouTube channels and VK’s blog so there’s tons to read, watch and try out.

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I drifted Occult-wise for 20+ years. Dabbling here and there. Mostly not feeling much of a connection to what was available. These were mostly pre-home-internet days, so you couldn’t just YouTube a topic and run with it.

I had achieved results with stuff, but didn’t have that “oh fuck yeah!” moment. That wouldn’t happen until I was working with Belial, Abaddon, and Pele and they told me to drop my stuff with them and go do the Shadownomicon. The book itself is as useful as the time and energy you put into it, the work you’re willing to do, the tears you’re willing to shed. It’s not a beginner book with the way I went about it.

Not only did it remind me to listen to those willing to help (Abaddon, Belial, and Pele), but it had me practicing evocation left and right, sometimes daily. It helped me mentally and spiritually by forcing me to go deeper and darker into my own shadows to remove/lessen their power. Because I put the work in.