What type of ritual is this?

I was looking into a love and or lust spell and petitioned Lucifer to help me. The way he speaks to me is mostly telepathic and other times I’ll see myself doing something - which brings me to my petition . He told me to get a picture of my target, draw his seal over top it with a thick black marker and add a few drops of blood. I haven’t actually done this yet because he was rather quiet when I petitioned him so I wasn’t sure he was agreeing. Has anyone been led to do something similar? What were your results?


If he said, do this, then do it.


Similar to a ritual I was asked to do during another ritual by a Dukante god - no specific results other than a shift away from just wanting to know a person but wanting a life with that person.

The message being I suspect - Horse, yes, I can give you the person but what on earth will you do with him?

No specific result just yet, but I’ve already stated that I’m aware that I’m swapping one load of laundry for another and know irrespective of how tired or ill I am, it’s me who cooks dinner, cleans and listens his woes… No different really in that respect, only that the Beloved may be more invested in helping me achieve my ambitions and publicising my abilities and I can assist him achieve greater heights in his career whereas my husband has basically given up trying to achieve despite having ability and knocks down every compliment and motivation or positive comment I make.

So I guess it was the shift in focus.


To draw Lucifers sigil over the individual’s picture and to drop your blood on to the top of that is to create a connection between you and that person like a bridge and Lucifer is the bridge.


That’s interesting. It’s weird because he is normally pretty clear in communicating but with this request he was very quiet and I didn’t think he would give his blessing. Then I got the image of me performing this but I wasn’t sure what it would signify. Epuls it take away the desire, was it giving the situation over to him, etc. Your response seems most likely , I never thought of that.


@AradiaX Were you able to reach your target? With what lucifer taught you, to put his seal on the photo of his target and put a few drops of blood?

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Oh yes! It worked rather quickly as well and had better results than expected.

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Hello, do you think that any person can do this or it was gived specially for you for Lucifer, thanks.

Well @AradiaX would u like to share the story ?