What type of magic do fallen Angels use?

I’m not sure as to what specifically makes a fallen angel but I have always wondered what type of magic would a fallen angel use?

Their primary trait, is their dualistic aspect. To be aligned with lightness and darkness in perfect balance. Or rather one of their traits


Interesting so what kind of magic do they use?

They know all sorts of magick what do you mean

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I’m as my friends call it a knowledge “whore” do to the fact that I want to know everything I can do I want to know if there is a specific type of magic they normally use

Well… it’s not quite like that. If you want to know more about angels, check out Damon brand.

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What’s that?

Damon brand is an author.

Whatever magick they feel like using. Although I’m not sure that the term “magick” applies. They do what they do.

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I see

F’ing apostrophes!

Magick is simply working with the forces around you to create a desired result.

“Types” would more appropriately be said “styles” in my opinion. Different ones work best for different people.

Beg pardon?

The Pauline Arts, the magic of the angels of men


Regular angels use creamy magic. Fallen angels prefer extra chunky.