What to do with break up jar?

hey everyone i did a break up jar spell 1 year before to break my ex gf relationship ,i daily meditated on that jar till dec 20 , she got married to that guy and they did not broke up. that jar is still in my house i hv not seen it since 3 months , what sud i do with this jar now, i thought i wud bury this someplace , but since nothing happened i dun wanna bother to bury it , can i just put it somewhere on road side empty field?? or sud i just throw it at any field so it breaks??
kindly advise

Burying it would likely be best, or you can just throw it out. Usually, I normally keep curse related jars for about a week so I am working with it over that period, then run it through some dirty cat litter (so whatever aspect of my target’s life becomes just that) and throw it away with the litter. Basically I make the disposal part of the ritual, even if the results did not manifest in the time period. It helps to establish an “ending”