What to do with Belial offering

When I made my petition to Belial a couple of weeks ago I got a unique offering request…his sigil engraved by my hands on aluminum. My request was fulfilled and I have been mulling over and asking what does he want me to do with the sigil once I make it. Where should I put it? I sense he wants it at a park or open meadow by a forest…but do I just leave he offering on the ground? I have never had an offering request like this, so I’m a little nervous about it and need some help.

I would keep the sigil snd put in my book of shadow.

If you get the impression that he wants it in a park or meadow, go with that. Possibly, he wants it to be passed on to another, so perhaps ask him if he wants it left on a bench where another can find it?

Belial seems to prefer to be evoked outside, so if you are getting a nudge to leave his seal in a meadow or park, then I would bury it, not deep but just put a little dirt over it and leave it. If it is meant to be found, it will be.

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If your request has been fulfilled, you’d best get on and make the sigil. While making it, if it’s safe, try drifting your thoughts towards Belial. You might find that you suddenly know where to put it.

I’d say do as you feel is right. Take it to a meadow or park, maybe bury it

Thanks all. Burying it in a park by a meadow sounds good. Or maybe even placing it against a tree or rock. Thanks for the ideas.

I’ve never worked with metal before. I’m not crafty. This will be interesting. I initially thought…oh, I can draw on aluminum foil…but I sensed he wanted something more solid. Definitely a challenging request.