What to do with a sigil... after cursing?


I petitioned a powerful, high-level spirit I work with, to possess a group of people who made my life a living hell since 2004 through necromancy and other baneful magick. They put a death curse on me, which has been nullified now. They sent a demon to possess me last summer, which was terrifying. He agreed. I have his sigil here, with the request written on the back and the front is covered in my blood (as requested by the spirit). Should I burn it? Throw it away? Keep it? It’s been in my wallet since the petition.


Do you want the energies to stay in your life? If the task has been completed and you do not want the powers hanging around (they could end up affecting those around you), then burn it with a giving of thanks.


Well, I’m building a relationship with this spirit, and I still meditate on his sigil regularly (a clean copy, not the one I bloodied :wink: ). But for this purpose, I wouldn’t want the energies of the request hanging around me. However, I petitioned quite recently and so I don’t know if it’s worked because I have zero physical contact with the people I cursed. Do I just ask the spirit if it’s done before burning it?


Yes, you can ask the spirit, or simply do a divination on the outcome. If it is still in progress, I would hold on to the sigil until it is done.


Thank you. That’s made it clearer for me. :slight_smile:


Yes, burn it and forget it. Further, the most effective–and natural–flow of your spirit is towards your wholeness and well-being ( :slight_smile: as evidenced by your emotional state:slight_smile:), so you should turn your focus to meditation, inner peace, frequently recognising the things that are going well for you and more emotionally pleasant activity. Remember, cursing affects you first because you feel all the negativity involved, i.e. perceived wrong and the “pain” you seek to inflict on the perceived wrongdoers, the natural state is one of peace and wholeness and you should allow yourself to experience that more. There is no greater victory than returning to your wholeness because that is your implicit desire not the vengeance.


Thanks. I’m aware of what you’ve explained. I’m still dealing with their spirits, but I agree, it is more natural for me to be at peace and I’ve just started that work.