What to do while waiting on a request?

This might’ve been aaked before but i honestly didnt know what to search to find the answer

But last week i requested something from 3 different demons, and i have complete trust in them now and ttying my best not to lust for results

My question is what can i do in the meantime while waiting? Are there rituals to strengthen my requests or certain evokings i can do to strengthen my relationship with these demons but without being annoying?

I read that i should only burn my petition once … would redoing it ruin it or be considered lust for results?

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You can evoke them to build a relationship, or use any other method to do so, but don’t worry about strengthening the magick that has been done. Magick works, there is no need to strengthen it. So what is done is done.

And in the mean time you could try to put in as much effort into what you asked for yourself. For example, if you asked for wealth, then focus on building wealth through your own efforts as well. But if it’s not something that you can put effort into, then you simply let the magick be and keep it out of your mind by living life as you would normally.


thank you, can you tell me about how to build my relationship with them through evoking? or link me to a thread that can explain it well?


You essentially just call them to talk and to communicate lessons and ask for advice. That builds a relationship with them. If you haven’t done evocation before, then you can also build a relationship with spirits by giving them gifts every now and then, which can be done in a lot of methods.

Demons have sigils so summon them with their sigil and tell them you will give X as a gift to them. You can even say “may our relationship continue to build”. Then you can give it to them through fire, or destroying it in some way, or eating the gift if it is a food item or a drink while gazing at the sigil and experiencing the taste and sensation of it, and in that way consciously "giving’ it to them. That method is explained more in Demons of Magick by Gordon Winterfield.


Thanks a lot for the detailed answer i really appreciate it

I know how to evoke but im not well versed enough to be able to know if they’re talking back to me or what they’re saying
Is it okay if i evoke him and just talk like how id to a friend?
I’ll try to offer gifts through consuming them i didnt know about that way


Sure. But be open to receiving any answers. Leave some silence in between and just be open to answers in whatever form they may come. You should be relaxed in this, and if you don’t experience anything then don’t worry that is fine as well.


Okay I’ll try this thanks a lot


Move on with your life? Don’t dwell on it? It’s understandable that like most magick you’ll have to meet it half way (like if you requested a job, you’d need to still do your part of job-searching).

Well if your saying you trust them (and you did request to 3) then why do you need to do more? Why does it need strengthening, isn’t 3 whole requests enough? Seems like you have some doubt.


Its not about doubt in them (i dont have any doubt on their power) its just doubt related to me/my power as in worrying if i need to do more or i havent done enough etc… i also have ocd so its not something i can fully control thats why im asking here to just relief my stress

I see people on this forum do so much more than what im doing (daily offering/constantly playing enn chants/using herbs oils i dont have access to etc) so I’m wondering if doing things like thalis strengthens the bond/request and wanted details and guidance in these things


You don’t have to do daily workings/offerings/etc for your magick to work. I certainly don’t do anything on a daily basis, more like on a whim – and things for the most part still work for me. It’s really a personal thing - magick and all. What works for one person’s practice might not work for another’s. So work at your own pace, don’t compare yourself to others too much.

Self doubt is a tough one, for me I started small. Doing small spells (jar spell, basic energy work) and once I had alittle confidence I built it up from there. I don’t have OCD, so I honestly don’t know what might help with that – but I definitely have self doubt.


Thanks a lot ill try to find my way of doing things and see what works best then

Ive been doing smaller things and having luck with those for the past couple of years but i felt like my situation atm needed something more serious so i tried evoking thies past few weeks for the first time


@Dankquanicus gave some good stuff, so I’m going to go a different route.

Cast for other stuff or work on rituals for different things. Seriously. Work your way through a ritual book. Here’s why.

You focus your mind elsewhere on other things. You go into ritual for other things, so your association with ritual isn’t tied to the one you’re REALLY wanting the most. And you can focus on the smaller task/rituals that will progress you towards another goal. Not only will your magic grow stronger, but you’ll always have something else to focus on so you’ll get out of the way and let the magic happen.

By the time you’re done really working through a ritual book, not only will your magic be stronger if you need to do it again, but you’ll have a lot more “tools” at your disposal to get the job done with.

Just my opinion and it’s geared more towards significant goals.


Oh i havent thought about that at all… thank you for the advice
I thought i had to focus my energy and thoughts more on the current request and not get distracted by other stuff but i guess you’re right

Is there any online books/threads that could tell me where to go from here? Or what i need to focus on to strengthen my overall magick


Depends what the spell was for. A lot of people/authors will say “do everything you can irl to work toward the results” but for me personally I’ve always found it more helpful to do literally nothing and wait for things to fall in my lap.

Looking for a new job? By all means, go ahead and apply for jobs, or reach out to friends/acquaintances to see if they know anyone hiring.

Looking for money? Set up some passive income streams or side-hustles.

Looking for love? Focus on building yourself up mentally, giving love to yourself, and becoming the kind of person that would make a good partner.

Most other things – leave it alone. Know that it is done. Remind yourself that you deserve your outcome. If you have a negative thought, catch it and sit with it for a while. Recognise it’s your local consciousness, your ego-self, trying to protect you. It is only true if you accept it as true – so don’t accept it. Thank your ego for trying to protect you, then smother the negative thought with unconditional love as you remind it & yourself that the thought is not necessary. “Thank you for trying to protect me. I love you. I release you now.” And let the thought go. Repeat as many times as necessary.

There are rituals or petitions to entities which are said to strengthen your magic in general.

One that comes to mind is Karviel, the angel of unfolding, who lets events quickly come to a head so that you can determine whether the working is going to successful long-term, or if it will fizzle out shortly.

Another is the Master Protection Ritual, or a petition/evocation of the genius spirit Phul. There are some other rituals with angels of the 72 or 42 letter name, I believe, and maybe one or two Goetic demons with this power.

Be certain you have built yourself up enough to be OK with not getting what you want, and knowing you’ll be fine without it. That’s the catch. If you can feel fulfilled despite not having your desire, you are more likely to attain said desire.

Depends. Some systems prompt you to repeat a working for 7 days/11 days/33 days, or to set a schedule. Others are “one and done”. Examine yourself first. Are you performing the same ritual repeatedly, methodically, because you know it is certainly done and inevitable? Or are you doing it out of desperation because you aren’t 100% convinced it’s already done and on its way to you?


thanks a lot i never thought of it that way, that certainly makes it a lot easier to deal with these thoughts rather than try to fight it or forcing myself to stop thinking about it

i’ve tried to look for such demons but i didn’t know what term/power to look for exactly

is there a thread that talks about those 7day etc systems? how do i know which one to follow?

sorry for asking a lot of questions im trying to learn as much as i can to ensure im doing everything correctly


The Goetic demons Vine (Viné) and Furcas. Also, the demon Cimeries is good to give you discipline, courage, and remove unwanted fear.

You can search for them on the forum and see if people have recorded their experiences. Or you can search the forum for “simple english demonic evocation guide”. Or you can buy the book Demons of Magick by Damon Brand, which I highly recommend.

I believe the book I am thinking of which uses this system is Angels of Omnipotence by Jareth Tempest. There is an unlisted thread somewhere on the forum of peoples’ experiences. Also, there are other books (using with sigils, no petition/invocation/evocation to entities) which also encourage you to set a schedule of your own making.

No worries. There is no “correct” or “incorrect” way to do magick as long as you approach it with the right state of mind – in my opinion.


Psssst…the book is by Gordon Winterfield, not Damon Brand :joy:


Well, that would kinda depend on what you’re looking to learn and where you’re at. You can also search here using keywords to see what books other people have recommended.

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Thank u soo much honestly that helped alot and gave me a good starting point , i really appreciate it

The problem is i dont really know where to go from here that’s why i was asking for suggestions, but ill search for book recommendations on the forum

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