What to do when you want nothing in this world?

the more knowledge of the spiritual world I gain, the more I start to hate this physical world, those of us who are incarnated here in this physical world have a much greater ascension potential than the spirits, because we have a body in all mental, ethereal and physical dimensions but even though the physical world has this advantage there are many more disadvantages this physical world is not real, the people and animals that are incarnated here are real but everything else is not real the buildings, the houses, the cities, all of this is not really here, when we make a spiritual projection and go to the mental dimension we can see an exact copy of our house and our city but the mental dimension is not the true spiritual dimension, when we make an ethereal projection we see the world as it really is yeah, and we realize that our home and our cities don’t really exist and we see demons, fairies, dragons and other beings with their own cities, I can’t do spiritual projection alone all The times I’ve been in the spirit world it’s been with the help of spirits pulling me out of my physical body but the spirits aren’t always willing to do that, there’s nothing in this physical world I want, I wish I could be free in the ethereal world, does anyone else feel like me? how do you deal with the fact that this physical world is not real?

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I feel you, and I think it’s an attitude that comes with transitioning through ascension. It’s partly why monks and yogis and the like have given up worldly possessions and retreated into the mountains living off charity and teaching so they can spend all their time meditating.

At some point there’s a siddhi where you don’t need to eat any more.

I think this is key, along with working on remembering your past and in between lives and why you are here. I’m wary of making conscious mind based decisions without having all the information.

You have a limited time to take advantage of this mode of being, and you did it for a reason, so I would say as your higher self to remember your original motivations.

Well I think they all exist, and hey all have their uses, but I would feel the human astral with it’s inventions are more ephemeral than the physical.

Part of the whole point of the physical, imo, is it’s stability: you can make something and not have it “despawn” just because everyone forgot about it. They’ll rot and disintegrate but its takes a long time and there’s usually evidence left behind still. That is not true of things created in the local astral, they can dissipate to nothing and only the Akashic records will know they existed.

That makes the astral less “real” to me. So you can go and play in a playground forever if you wanted, I expect, but your higher self may prefer you interact differently to get experience for your spiritual evolution, and you are it, so, so do you when you remember what the point was.