What to do when spirits don't work with you - or you can't get through to each other

What then? Natural magic? Witchdoctor/Medicine man magic? Art/music magic? Poetry? Atheism?
Psychic work? Yoga? Macaroni pictures?

I Usally go with a mix of elemental, planetary, hoodoo and/or sympathetic magick for manifestion rather than spirits. Helps to excersie my own power with the amount of energy i am able to raise. The level of manifestion is often proportional to the amount of energy raised.


That. That’s what I’ve been looking toward, how to harvest ideas, power and results for and through yourself. What I don’t understand is how to actually get past my barrier of spirit communication, but time ran out for me. So I need to try something else beyond the ordinary human effort.

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Try working with the raw energies for awhile. That will help ya build up “energetic muscles” as it were. I was practicing with the elemental and planetary energies for years. I have only been actively and purposely been practicing evocation of spirits for about a year now. But had an active practice with the elements for a long time and then the planets about 5-6 years now i think :thinking:

Had one accidental before that with Michael and one i did when i was a kid before i really had a clue what i was gettin into to :alien: other than that a few that showed up on their own.


Working with raw energies is great. Planetary, elemental, plants, animals, crystals etc is very useful. Not everyone is going to work well with spirits, but you don’t have to either. I think a combination of the spirits and your own power give the greatest results, but that’s just my opinion. May I ask what it is you expect from the spirits, or why you find them unresponsive?


What do you want to do? Chaos magick is a thing. There are many routes… What calls to you


Results. Being able to communicate with the spirits. Being able to work with them as if it was business.
That’s the driving force with me. Power to my own ends those of others who
I care about that need my help.