What To Do If You Can't Hear Demons?

I’ve had people ask me the same question from multiple websites recently, asking if I could summon a demon for them and talk to the demon on their behalf because they can not yet hear demons. To an extent, I will talk to some of the spirits I know on behalf of someone else to answer their questions or sometimes they just want me to see if a particular demon is willing to do a favor for them before they attempt to evoke the demon themselves. As for asking what type of offerings they would want, I feel this is something personal that should be told directly to the magician from the spirit of choice, and this is something you need to learn for yourself because even though you cannot hear them yet, if you don’t practice you will never learn how to hear them.

You have to establish a deep connection with at least one entity at some point in order to open your astral senses, which means you need to practice by speaking to every entity you come into contact with, even if you feel like you’re talking to air because you can’t see or hear them, but (as stupid as you may feel doing this) it’s necessary to establish that link if you ever wish to fully open your astral senses. But the reason I will not ask for what type of offerings they want on your behalf, is because it’s not my place to do this. If you wish to have a successful relationship which such entities, you need to be open to receiving what they ask of you and should any conflicts arise between you and the entity, I don’t want to be involved in a game of “shoot the messenger”.

I decided to write down some starter tips below, they may help, or they may not. I am getting asked this question on Facebook too and I honestly have way too many projects going at one time right now, most of you already know that. So in order to answer without skipping over anyone, here is what I wrote down. If anyone else has some tips of their own to share for what they did when still learning to hear or see demons, please post them, as I know that what I did does not always make people feel comfortable or it may not be the answer they want to hear but again I will mention practice is key here, and patience. And I can be the most impatient person I know some times, so if I was able to keep going without getting upset that things did not happen over night for me, than anyone else can.

If you can’t hear spirits yet, what I did when I couldn’t, I just evoked the demon of choice and asked for what I wanted from him and stated that if they’d come thru for me, I would give them an offering and I told them, I cannot hear you yet so if there is anything in particular you want me to give you, let me know thru intuitive means by placing a thought in my mind or giving me a repeated sign some how. Then I just started picking up that demon’s sigil and meditating on it for a few minutes every day and thinking in my mind, I wanted a sign. Meditating on that sigil every day allowed me to keep connecting with the demon thru the sigil until I eventually just knew what they wanted in my mind.

Then I’d wait around and see what happened, see if the results I asked for actually came to fruition. When they did, I would give the offering. If I never got any thoughts or signs on what the demon wanted, I took that to mean that what I was asking for was not too large so I was free to give whatever I deemed appropriate like a food offering, a drawing in dedication to the demon, a painting, making a public post online to give them thanks and let others know what that demon did for me. So that’s how I started out when I could not directly communicate with the spirits. And trust me when I say, if you choose an offering to give to the spirit because you never get a sign or a thought about what they actually want, if what you chose to give them is not to their liking, they will let you know in one way or another.

If the spirit is not happy, you should at least be able to feel a negative energy developing in the room around you, like you can feel their emotion, and then again you need to remind the spirit, you have not fully awoken your astral senses and cannot hear him/her and to again please send you a sign or an intuitive thought of what the proper offering might be for them at the current time. Then look for signs, if you keep getting online and everywhere you look you see advertisements for a burger restaurant, maybe the spirit wants some red meat? Look for clues and link them up. Or, you may have an unwanted thought, if you suddenly find yourself thinking about salman lately yet you hate fish of any kind, it may mean the spirit wants some salmon. Then you can do a divination to see if the thoughts you are having are actually coming from the spirit and confirm is this what he/she wants from me?

Most of them are not going to get too upset if you can’t get it correct right away, but some spirits though, I will warn you that if you cannot communicate with them effectively then I would hold off on evoking them all together until you can as some spirits have no patience for this, and they will refuse you or possibly even have a good laugh at your expense. There are some spirits that I have not yet worked with for fear they will not see me as adept enough to handle their requests and their energy, even though I can communicate with them, but I am holding off on a small list of spirits myself.

But I think the real fear that people have with this, is they are afraid that if they cannot properly receive what an entity is telling them, they will anger the spirit and forever be stuck in an endless cycle of that entity’s wrath, or the entity might cause them harm. There are many spirits out there that are far more understanding than you know. They know we are human and that we are tuned into a different plane, and that we have been taught to suppress our astral senses so many of them are willing to be patient with you as you develop your skills.

So my advice is that you do not procrastinate on contacting your first spirit out of fear. Go ahead and jump on in the pool. The water may be bone chilling cold at first but once you’re in there long enough, your body will acclimate itself to the water (whichs mean it will get used to it). And as a backup method, I encourage you to do some type of scrying if you still have any doubts, use your tarot cards, runes, pendulum, whatever method you choose and see if contacting the entity is a bad idea. And if you don’t know how to scry yet, then my advice would be to hold off, because if you cannot scry on top of not being able to communicate on an astral level, then you are far from being ready to make contact with any entity and you should first learn divination techniques before you go any further.


One straight answer to the question. You use the other sensations you feel during the evocation or sigil srcying. Like how alot of people can’t actually visualize things in guided mediation but can feel with tactile sensations u must hardness what senses are currently avalble.

A suggestion would be t EVOKE o sigil srcy mephesta, or the king of air or another demon who can open pgysic faculties eve if u can’t hear or see them ask to have ur other senses awakened

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Thankyou so much, this is exactly what I needed