What this entity want from me?

I don’t know what this entity wants, i just had a dream when that entity was grabbing me and i was trying to run away from him, there was a moment when i felt so calm like he was hugging me, but i wanted to run away and he didn’t let me to, so i started kicking him so hard, i grabbed him by his “neck” and started shaking him to the walls but it was nothing for him and i woke up, it felt in any way like a possesion.
This is a drawing of how he looked

You’re uploading a photo from a dream?

From your description, I don’t see how we’re supposed to know what it wanted. Maybe he just wanted some love and cuddles? Didn’t sound like you wanted the same. Maybe some more details would help, because it just looks like a nightmare without relevance to anyone but you at this point. There aren’t any identifying details, behavior patterns, etc… Just a something wanting some lovin’.


From what you wrote it seems like the entity is trying to communicate with you. Try and be open to his communication and see where it leads.

Sorry i had to add, a year ago i was invoking asmodeus, and months ago i started with a form of christianism, i don’t know if i can call it christianism, but i’m with god now and i stopped dealings with any demon

Doesn’t really mean anything to me, outside of personal guilt.


How can i do that?

Yes maybe it’s just a nightmare or personal guilt, thank you for your answer

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Here, take a look though our dreamwork tutorials to help you work with this dream OP.

pushing and running away is similar to casting a circle, it’ll make the spirit manifest more solid for you. hugging, wrestling and confronting the spirit will make the spirit less solid…assuming this is an actual issue with a spirit, might have just been a bad dream.

Could be a negative entity trying to create an attachment. Or a parasitic spirits feeding off your fear.

The safest and easiest way is through Meditation