What the hell did I just pull outta abyss?

I was receiving a lot from zero point this time 'round, was wondering what to bring back, then this thing was like “oo oo pick me”(you know more serious than that though). It was amazing how it built itself like it was just saying, this needs to stay. It came with a phrase too.

I have know idea what it is, so I was curious what you all thoth about it.


Emphtocoolicomptelmocito(the oh is pretty much silent.

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If you put it upside down it looks like spongebob.


It is a drawing.

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Oh… ok

Did you draw that (channeled it) or is it from a book? Cause if you channeled it kinda looks like some old, dark current type of entity… You know not your usual egregoire type of entity. More like old ones, necronomicon type of stuff… down that lane…?!

Channeled it, but yah Cthulhu is always on my mind.

:)))) I was actually thinking of Pazuzu I don’t know why? What hooked me to the ideea of old dark entity was the writing in the square… That is the feel it gives off. Kinda feels like I’ve seen the writing somehere (weird I know… probably just mixing old memories of weird writings in the grimoires) but if you ask where it was probably some symbols on a circle.

Anyway if I were you I’d try to make an evocation of your little friend right there… seems like he wana talk to you since he handed his sigil down.

Yes. I used some of my most powerful magical abilities to establish that that is a drawing. :slight_smile:

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Hmm seen that image before.
I wouldn’t say Necronomicon Current but evoke it and find out.

Interesting that you would say Pazuzu though. I think I’ll evoke whoever it is on walpurgisnacht.


Do so. And if you feel like it you can share the experience. :slight_smile: I am pretty curious as well now. :slight_smile:

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I think its a gift from saturn, a reflection of the revelation I had about time that took me into the infinite moment.

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I agree it’s an impression of Saturn retrograde and it’s many masks x look deep into it x

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Tsathoggua, comes to mind.

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Woah, ok so before realizing it was a saturnian sigil, I put it on the stone ring on my altar.


So I just did some research on that, and the synchronicities have piled up so high I am humbled under the gravity of this calling I am receiving from these Gods currently. I will map out the synchronicities if anyone is interested, but it definitely came from Tsathoggua, and it has a lot to do with his uncle in Smith’s Partridge of Pnom. A saturnian being who dwelt on a dwarf star named zoth, a name that resembles the Egyptians name for Sirius which has a thread on here that I am all about.