"What the fuck just happened?" Demonic possesion and Voodoo assistance

Hello everyone.

I have been lurking on this forum for a little while and enjoyed reading on various topics and found most of the opinions voiced here very interresting and thought provoking. Like I have mentioned in my introduction I have been dabbling for a little while and have begun to concentrate more seriously on ritual magic in the last six months and not even four days ago I have had the most terrifying and illuminating experience and I wish to share this with readers and hope that perhaps they can learn from it and offer some constructive chriticism. The names of the people involved have been changed in order to protect their identity.

To begin, I am a tour guide which means I travel all across the UK and abroad and on the 3rd July I happened to be in the city of Edinburgh. In the evening I escorted my group of tourists down into the Edinburgh vaults on a ghost tour. Just a quick note on The Edinburgh vaults: The city on Edinburgh is split in two with dramatic contrast betweent the old town and the new town. For centuries the old town of Edinburgh was situated within the city walls and no one wanted to build outside the walls in fear of a possible invasion by the British south of the border. But being the capital city of Scotland, very quickly they ran out of space within the city confines so they began to build upwards and created tennements, in some instances the city tennements reached a staggerring 13 storeys which was unheard of in the 17th century. Rapidly running out of living space, the people began to dig underground and thus many of the poorest people began to live in subterranean caverns and vaults. Because most of Edinburgh is situated ontop of volcanic rock it is possible to dig into the rock and what is dug there, stays there, so much of Edinburgh under street level resembles a rabbit warren which in some cases go down below as deep as a mile underground. The vaults attracted criminals and gangs, and some of the lowest rungs of society at that time. Then in the beginning of the 19th century the new town was created when a new middle class or meddling sort began to prosper through trade and industry, those who could, left the old town to new and better built suburbs with wider streets and larger housing. The poor remained and until the mid 1800’s people still lived in the vaults. When the plague struck the city of Edinburgh in the 1660’s the city council blocked the entrances to the vaults to attempt at stopping the outbreak from reaching street level so the healthy were locked in along with the sick for several weeks until everyone was dead. There is a great documentary about this on you tube so to avoid this post becoming too long I suggest you watch the following https://youtu.be/MD62bKQ6Inw

Back to the main occurence: On the Friday, I went along with my group on a walking ghost tour of Edinburgh and delighted in hearing about the history of the city, this tour ended inside the old city vaults. I have always been sensitive to energies but this was un- precedented. We descended the stairs down into the bowels of the earth and into the vaults. The guide lead us through a serious of empty antechambers and once we reached the fourth and deepest of the vaults I began to lose my balange and fell to the ground. I felt my breathing getting heavier, I felt anger and hatred rising up inside me, and something took over, I tried to resist it but it just became stronger so I let myself go and it took over, I blacked out for a few moments and when I came to my senses I was outside in the light in the company of two members of staff. It turns out when I fell, one of my group members tried to help me to my feet but he quickly backed away for I began to growl and scream at him in a deep voice unlike my own. I told everyone around me to leave immediately or else (Quote): " I SHALL DESTROY YOU ALL!!!) then I began to laugh and dug my hands into the dirt. The poor guy was terrified with good reason and wrote an email to my company about his experience for I scared every single person in that room. I told my employers that I had a panic attack and I wrote an apologetic letter which they accepted and all is fine. But this is only the beginning! After the possession I began to act out and went into the nearest bar where I drank so much to the point of passing out. I do not remenber getting home and when I woke up my body felt beaten and bruised and I was berely able to get up. I was then totally overcome by the utmost sadness almost to the point of feeling suicidal. I tried to comprehend the events of the night before but all I felt was thirst, so I got up and went out to another bar where again I drank myself into oblivion and again became black out drunk.

Back home I fell ill with flu and fatigue which lasted for over two weeks. I have been scouring my books on the occult in the hope of finding anything I could about the occurrence on the friday night but nothing. On the 8th of July I met with a friend and sorceress at Stonehenge and together we bid this spirit to manifest itself in order to find out what it is (needless to say this spirit followed me the entire time since Edinburgh) when it did come forth, we aked it what it wanted and why it was with us. All we got out of it was that it was scared and angry and pure spirit. My friend has amazing powers and she called it into herself and together we sent it into the light… or so I thought.

After confronting the spirit I felt relieved and light, like a weight has been lifted off of my shoulders and that evening I slept better than I have since my encounter but then…

Like most of us, I have a space dedicated to ritual, and I am fortunate enough to have a large basement in my home which I have turned into a ritual chamber. I hung red velvet on the walls and for the last few months I began working through Queen of Hell by Mark Alan Smith so I have mainly been concentrating and focussing on Hecate. My altar has been consecrated and dedicated to her and on my Northern wall I hung the pentagrammaton of Hecate. Her communication with me have been spontaneous and I have been very satisfied with the results of working with her. Last weekend I had a rare day off and since the weather that Saturday was absolutely fantastic I decided to hold a BBQ and invited a good friend ( whom I shall name Anna) over for dinner. As we sat in the garden she (unbeknownst of my ritual practice or occult interests) kept on staring at the door to my basement. “Who is that?” She asked me, I gazed in the direction of the door, not seeing anything and asked "Who do you mean? “The lady with the black hair and pale skin, she wants me to go inside your basement, what is in there?” Anna continued. I was truly taken aback, I tried to change the subject but something told me that this is no coincidence and being curious I started to ask her if she believed in the occult. A little while later I came to the realization that my friend was a natural witch, something I always suspected but never wanted to discuss in the off chance that my intuition was incorrect. I told her about my interests and I invited her to my basement on the condition that she keep it a secret. Once inside I lit some candles on the altar of Hecate and we sat down on the carpet I lay on the concrete floor.

Since none of this was planned and we were having a BBQ I have had a couple of beers by this time and so did she but she was never a big drinker. As soon as we sat down I felt myself feeling really thirsty again and I drained my beer and opened another one. Anna’s eyes were transfixed on the velvet covered wall behind me and began to speak:
“The lady is disspointed in you, she does not want you to drink, she wants you back, she is here to warn you against him” Anna said suddenly. "Against who? I asked? " Anna pointed to the red velvet behind me, her eyes dilated with fear, against that! ( she pointed to the wall behind me) He wants to devour you, he threatens me to leave or else he shall kill me too. " I didn’t feel or see anything but wonder if this was deliberate, I did try to speak but began to mumble gibberish and blacked out for a few minutes. Anna became truly scared. “That demonic thing wants you, get out, get out now…!!!”

"I saw it’s face!!! "she almost screamed, a broom fell and my door which we closed when we came into the basement rattled and there were three knocks…BANG! BANG! BANG!!!

“Get out of here!” Anna said, getting up, " The lady said we should go now, blow out the candles, lets go upstairs." I followed Anna’s cue. We did this quickly and openened the door to the late night sky. I locked the door to the ritual chamber and we went upstairs. I went straight to bed overcome with fatigue and passed out in a few minutes. Annna stayed over in the guest room. I do not recall my dreams but when I woke up I saw dark red scratchmarks on my left ankle, like a beast tried to tear open my flesh. I got up and made myself a strong cup of coffee, about an hour later Anna came to join me in the kitchen and we started to chat about the events of the night before.

In her recollection, the woman who beckoned her was beautiful with pale skin, long black hair, in her late thirties, possibly early forties yet still very beautiful, slender, with brown eyes and hands which seemed to belong to an old lady. The vibe she got from this woman was that of a kind, loving and motherly figure albeit a force to be reckoned with. The woman called her on account of me, as a warning. She had no messages for Anna about herself, she was mainly there to chastize me for my unsatisfactory behaviour. It was then that the “demon” or entity revealed himself to her. “What did he look like? " I asked her.
“Long sharp nose, budding horns, scale-like face and sharp teeth.” She answered. I opened the Queen of Hell grimoire and showed her an illustration of the demon Belial. “That’s what it looked like!” She said “That is him! I was so scared, the woman kept stroking my hair to calm me down yet, she did nothing to keep the demon from attacking you.” Anna continued. The woman knew the demon but refused to talk to it. Why did she not intervene? That being wanted to kill you!” I showed her the scratchmarks on my ankle, that is him! Honey I told you! " She was almost hysterical. I hugged her to calm her down, “Wait, there must be an explanation for this” I said.

“How did you sleep?” I asked her. "Ok, considering what happenned but I was called by the man with the white hat and suit at the crossroads, he wants me to talk to him. " I don’t know why but I suddenly had the image of the voodoo spirit and gatekeeper Papa Legba in my mind. “What exactly did he look like?” I asked her. She began to describe a tall slender man in a business suit, with wide shoulders and white straw hat on his head and carrying a large rectangular suitcase waiting at the crossroads. She had no knowlege of voodoo and this was too much to consider a coincidence. I asked her what she knew about voodoo and she admitted “nothing”. I explained to her who Papa Legba was and decided that we simply must find out what Papa wanted from her and why he called her specifically. I then recalled a voodoo ritual I did a few years before which almost ended in disaster for my altar set on fire. I knew the reason why (more on that later) hence the reason I have been wary of voodoo ever since.

Please continue to part 2: Title: “What the fuck just happened?” Demonic posession and voodoo assistance part 2


This continues from my previous Post : Title: “What the fuck just happenned?” Demonic possession and Voodoo assistance.

“Come” I said, let’s have breakfast, then we need to go shopping, if Legba calls, best to answer and see what he wants. We went to get provisions, rum, cigar, tobacco, but stupidly forgot to buy chicken to offer (which was my mistake). We got back and I explained to her how the ritual will work and what needs to be done. So we both took a ritual bath and dressed in yards of white muslin in the absence of robes (I am a seamstress too so I always have yards of fabric to use for something) we did our make-up and got all the provisions ready. Down in the basement we set to work, with flour we made a large cirle on the floor, in the eastern corner we placed the veve of Papa Legba along with the cigar, rum, tobacco and placed a green candle at each of the four corners. In the circle we lay my voodoo grimoire and silver bell. With the lights off and the candles lit we becan the call and ringing of the bell. Legba’s manifestation was rapid and strong. He began to comunicate with Anna, she lit the cigar and I sprinkled the rum on the floor and onto his veve (sigil). At first he scolded her for not talking to him sooner, it was incredible to see the connection Anna made with this spirit especially since she has never had anything to do with voodoo before.

As she smoked and talked to him, I wrote down what Legba had to say.

Here is the conversation as it happened.

Papa Legba: “I want a chicken”

Anna: "Papa I cannot procure a chicken now, I am so sorry, what else can I get you?

PL: “Rum child, more rum”

I scatterred more rum on his sigil

Anna: "papa you called me, what are we dealing with? What was that thing?

PL: I" I am hungry, I want a chicken!!!"

Anna: "Papa, I cannot get a chicken, wait, I’ll see what I can do."
Anna asked me to check in the kithchen for any left over chicken from the BBQ the night before so I ran upstairs but found only one chicken bone, I brought this down.

Anna:" Papa forgive us,this is all we have, I have some Marijuana here for you, I can make you a spliff"

PL: "Pepper, Pepper on chicken bone, more rum! Smoke!
Anna sprinkled some black pepper on the chicken bone and began to roll a joint. As she lit the spliff I fed the sigil more rum.
Anna: “How is that papa? When I get home tonight I shall make you an offerring, please don’t be mad.”

PL: "I am mad with the child, she took something from me at the crossroads, on full moon, I want it back, that is what that thing is. Papa don’t like darkness. Child is foolish, plays with fire."
Papa was referring to me who by now was in absolute terror and embarrasment and began to cry. I could not hear him speak to me. Instead he communicated solely with Anna in a flood of images and words.

“Speak to me papa, Speak to me.” I said trough my tears. I never meant to take anything from you papa, how can I return what is yours?"

PL: “you must stop calling me, I am not meant for you, I don’t understand you. You have coffin nails, those are mine, I want it back. I don’t want to speak to you. You called me once for money, I sent you a man with money, be content with that. You are a pretty girl but very foolish. Papa will help. Take it back which lurks here. You must do as papa says”.

Anna: “We will papa, Catherine is not evil, help her, she needs help, she realizes her mistake, what should we do.”

PL: “I am hungry!!!” I want chicken!!!

“I promise to make you an offering papa as soon as we are done and I can go to buy you some food, I promise to leave you an offerring. I promise this papa!” I said sincerely

Anna: "Who is the lady papa? What does she want with Catherine?"
PL: “The lady is at the crossroads, the lady wants her back. I don’t know her name, she is on opposite side at crossroads. She wants a red dress, make her a red dress to wear when you are not in your ritual chamber. That’s what the lady wants. Bless the child, papa will help, papa feel guilty. Papa sent her (yours truly) two children which was not meant to be hers. Child drank herbs in Africa given by a Rasta man, made her conceive, She is someone’s child, she is not a mother. The children are with me. She must only speak to me if she wants children. They are with me now, both babies. Papa will help.”

When he said this again, my tears began to fall. I never told anyone of my two abortions (the first when I was 19 and the other when I was 26) both were done on account of my inabillity to look after a child and financial insecurity. Something I have never been proud of.

PL: “Stop crying, papa don’t like it when you cry, you are not greedy and not evil, but very foolish! Papa will help. Do not enter this place after dark for seven days, on the seventh day, you open that wardrobe ( there is a wardrobe in the North- corner of the basement that has never been opened since I have lived in the property, it has a heavy padlock and contains items which belongs to my land lady) Papa will take it back. You must also leave an offering for me next time you go to the beach. And return my coffin nails to me.”

"I shall do as you ask of me papa I promise. I said, wiping my tears.
Anna: “Papa we shall do everything you ask. Thank you for your help…”

PL: “I am tired, I am hungry, promise you will not ignore me again. You come speak to me again. I am tired, I want to go.”

Anna: "Papa, I promise. Thank you, we will say good bye, until I speak to you again. "

"Thank you for your help papa, I shall keep my promise. " I added.
We concluded the ritual with the reading of the closing rites and left the candles to burn out. We swept up the flour, burnt candle wax, empty rum bottle, tobacco and so forth which I wrapped in brown paper . After the ritual both Anna and myself felt exhausted and took an afternoon nap. Still shaken about what had occurred I began to ponder. I simply could not remember the event Papa spoke about. I could not recall meeting him at the crossroads. When? How? I admit I was also scared, scared of Papa Legba and his ilk for if there is one thing I have learnt, and that is to NEVER underestimate these powerful spirits. Later that evening, waking up from our nap Anna had to leave. I said goodbye and began to purify the house with salt and sage. I lay salt in every corner, nook and cranny and bathed myself again in herbs and oils.

That night I dreamt of a tall man in a long black robe, similar to those worn by priests, with two strange eyes, one dark, one light, there was a pit of snakes and a woman’s body was thrown into it. The tall black man asked me where I was from, I told him South Africa and he smiled and said: "You are very pretty, a pity for all that darkness in your head, he touched my temples and smiled. I then saw the crossroads and saw blood dripping down my forearm and onto parchment. It was then I awoke.

Suddenly I remembered!!! The following excerpt takem from my book of shadows:

Fullmoon: Began the ritual with the ringing of 9. I read the purification of the air and unwrapped the chalice and dagger. I read aloud the opening rites and called the names. I drank from the chalice and recited the chant: ZAZA, ZAZA, NASATANADA ZAZA until my mouth felt dry. I swear I can feel a definite shift in energy. My main goal is to awaken my will to the inner workings of darkness. I swear I can hear a scratching and clamoring of wings and hooves. Each ritual is one step closer to the abyss. I want to start my asscent and transcend the boundaries set forth by man. I want to awaken and take back what is mine by right. Come seraphim, come beast, come chaos and embrace me as I embrace you. The ritual ended after i extinguised the candles. I wrapped the chalice and dagger and exited the chamber. My will be done! "

I can only conclude that this is what Legba spoke about. I have completely forgotten about the opening of the gates. Reflecting on it all I have seen how my life has been influenced by the above incantation. I feel foolish for appraoching the realm of magic with a swagger and nonchalance, and callousness for I randomly evoked and opened doorways and invited beings thinking that I will be able to control what came through. I have learnt that I know absolutely nothing! That one cannot do anything without a framework and that I am so lucky to be here instead of locked up in a mad house somewhere.

The morning after the ritual I left Legba an offering of cooked chicken, coffee, coconut milk, tobacco and dates and the next evening at midnight I left the food and wrapped ritual debris at a crossroads. On the 7th day I opened the door to the cupboard and burnt sage and shrewn salt, reciting a latin exorcism-thrice. That which plagued me is gone and I have started my occult studies all over again. Beginning with quiet contemplation and meditation and excercise. I sleep much better now and I feel so much more at ease.

Since Anna’s left she has been speaking to Legba and the Voodoo spirits daily, she set up an altar in her home and keeps the spirits fed with coffee, rum , food and cigars. I am happy for Anna finding her path and I can only hope that my path shall be revealed to me in due course.

If you have read this far, thank you so much and I would welcome any feedback that might be of use. I have only just begun and wish I knew who the lady was, Hecate or someone else? And if the entity were Belial, I doubt for the more I read about him the more unlikely a candidate he becomes.

Kind regards

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Firstly, wow, that makes me want to go to Edinburgh, and your job sounds amazing! :slight_smile:

I spend way too much time stuck indoors at a screen…

Secondly, I like Belial a lot but it’s not unlike him to attack the fuck out of you to see what you’re made of - at least, that’s what he did the first time I met him, which I posted about here.

Now, while I don’t imagine he’s some big cosmic Mr Miyagi figure who goes round trying to teach us lessons and bullshit like that, he does seem to sometimes pick up on people through the smallest of links (I hadn’t actually called on him when we first met, I was working with Ahriman BUT with the intent to comprehend and master demonic forces) and then he gets involved to see what you’re made of.

It’s possible that the work you’ve been doing recently opened you up so that he could attach himself, for want of a better word, whilst you were in those vaults.

But obviously it’s best NOT to jump to conclusions.

Do you use any divinatory methods? That seems like a good way to get a picture of what’s going on here, and whether there’s a hidden gift in all this for you. I strongly suspect there is!

[quote=“Lady Eva, post:3, topic:5849”]Firstly, wow, that makes me want to go to Edinburgh, and your job sounds amazing! :slight_smile:

Secondly, I like Belial a lot but it’s not unlike him to attack the fuck out of you to see what you’re made of - at least, that’s what he did the first time I met him, which I posted about here.

Now, while I don’t imagine he’s some big cosmic Mr Miyagi figure who goes round trying to teach us lessons and bullshit like that, he does seem to sometimes pick up on people through the smallest of links (I hadn’t actually called on him when we first met, I was working with Ahriman BUT with the intent to comprehend and master demonic forces) and then he gets involved to see what you’re made of.

It’s possible that the work you’ve been doing recently opened you up so that he could attach himself, for want of a better word, whilst you were in those vaults.

But obviously it’s best NOT to jump to conclusions.

Do you use any divinatory methods? That seems like a good way to get a picture of what’s going on here, and whether there’s a hidden gift in all this for you. I strongly suspect there is![/quote]

Hello! Thank you so much for getting back to me, yes, Edinburgh is my favourite city and I LOVE going there as it is a very special place. I read about your encounter and I think that I am in a similar situation. I am only just getting re-aquiainted with my dark-side and unlike when I was studying Wicca I feel somehow akin to the Left-handed side of things. When I was overtook by this entity in the vaults I felt that I understood it and was not afraid at all, it was just that I was completely taken by surprise and since then, magical phenomina which used to be “super-natural” to me now has become “natural” and common place. I understand the entity’s interest for when I made contact with Hecate she told me that she was going to test me and from the grimoire "Queen of the Damned " the author claims that Belial works closely in conjunction with Hecate so perhaps that was the test she was referring to?

If so, and let’s say it was Belial, he has certainly altered the way I evaluate and process events and occurences and I am also quite angry with him to be honest. Mainly for I HATE to be taken advantage of and the fact of his manifesting without being called does annoy me somewhat. But that said, I also see the merit in this. I do like Belial, there is something rather remarkable about him (if it is him) I have learnt another thing about myself, that I am stronger than I might have suspected before. Meaning, I don’t wake up in the morning thinking I am invicible like a super hero, I have always been wary of having too grandiose a sense of self. I think Belial (or whomever) have challenged me to see what would surface. In this case a very acute sense of self-preservation.

I regularly use the Tarot and have been for over ten years. I am only just learning the runes and have done some scrying but mainly I would say that the Tarot has been my main form of Divination. My favourite being a Rider Waite Tarot deck I was given when I was 19 and I like working with the Giger Tarot on occasion.

What I did learn or noticed was a paralells between two magical systems mainly voodoo and the Left-Hand path, with voodoo you deal with spirits, each with their own personalities and quirks who needs to be “served” in order to gain favour (hence I was so afraid of Legba for I have seen what they can do and there is no way out once you have incurred their wrath) whereas in the Left-hand path the sorcerer or sorceress evokes and COMMANDS demons to do their bidding and banish the entities after. So in a sense both my and Anna’s request for a teatcher have been answered. As for the moment, until I find out what exactly I am dealilng with, I shall keep the evocatons to a minimum ;p

I’d really like a chicken now.

Oh yeah and… I wouldn’t go commanding,demanding and banishing demons too much… Even if it might have worked for solomon Asmodeus promised that in the end he would be fucked (In a bad way of being fucked) .

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