What the f#ck, Lucifer?!

I can’t actually believe I’m making a post about this.

Lucifer and I go waaay back, he’s the one that guided me into this path when I was just a child. The bond we have is great and deep, without a doubt. He’s been there for me in absolute pain and happiness. There are times we don’t speak for months to a year yet it doesn’t change anything. It feels like he’s always near me, even if we don’t speak.

When I’m in a specific pathworking or in an intense work with a spirit, my focus is on that spirit and nothing else. In this case I’m currently working with Belial since I’m walking through the 9 Demonic Gatekeepers pathworking.

A few hours ago I felt a huge feeling all over my body on how much I miss Lucifer, it’s been a while since we spoke. I missed him so badly that it started to hurt. The feeling calmed down then I saw his name on this forum while I was just checking around so I decided to call him simply by saying his name and he came directly, giving me physical signs of his presence. I just wanted to feel his energy, that’s all. After the signs I decided to go into a deep trance because I wanted to talk to him, see him. I told him to hang on, I wanted to light some incense for him. Then it came to me that I should draw his sigil on me just to make his energy flow through me but I couldn’t decide where I would draw it then he told me that I should draw it where my solar plexus is. Why? I don’t know and I didn’t really care, so I did it.

I layed down and started to relax, everything started to spin and I felt some vibrations. I saw how the sigil on my solar plexus started to spread light over my body, getting activated. I chanted his name and told him to choose a place. Then I was in complete darkness, I walked and I saw a door. I opened it and went inside and then there was another door, I opened it too and I understood that the more I keep opening the doors the more I’m getting closer to Lucifer. Then I opened another one and I saw some stairs going down, I went down and I felt vibrations. Then out of nowhere in my mind I saw Sam Winchester from Supernatural. (favorite show ever)

I thought it’s either me lacking focus or it’s Lucifer taking the form of this character since I’ve been binge watching the show for the 6th time. Then I was in a room, it was pretty gothic, I was standing in front of a large gothic royal bed with red sheets. (I didn’t understand why we were in a bedroom but I didn’t care enough to ask) I didn’t see Lucifer, so I told him to manifest. There he was, taking the form as Sam, I was surprised that he chose Sam because Lucifer has taken the form as Lucifer from Supernatural plenty of times before, the difference is that he looked like Sam but the eyes were the eyes of a reptile and he had black claws. It felt great seeing him again.

We spoke a bit then out of nowhere I was laying on the bed. Naked :neutral_face:. Then I saw him on top, yes - on top. He didn’t say anything and he started to kiss me and then doing the yes, do I even need to say it? I wanted to ask him what the hell he was doing and why since we have never been so sexual with each other but somehow I was paralysed from speaking and honestly, I enjoyed it. It was good, very good. I’m not sure if this matters or not but I felt it pulse down there which I normally don’t when I’m turned on. ANYWAYS. I felt also a tiny bit of nausea in the middle of it all, maybe because of his strong energy or maybe the because the incense was strong? I’m not sure. I also felt how the place of the sigil started to itch like crazy. He finished inside me and then I could finally speak.

Me: Why?

Lucifer: Because you’re mine.

I’ve never been so shocked and confused in my life.

Me: Excuse me? I’m nobodys.

He started to laugh like crazy and I got even more confused because I’ve never seen this side of him before and I wanted to ask what the hell that means but he interrupted me and said " You’ll find out, wake up. " And I opened my eyes and I’m still in huge confusion. He was gone the second I opened my eyes.

Honestly I feel so used.

It’s super embarrassing sharing this with you all but I need some advice why the hell he was doing this and if this has happened anyone else. I just wanted to talk to him. :weary:


Well the thing that I always said is, if you’re not comfortable with something don’t allow it, doesn’t matter with who is, or the reason. Create boundaries and make any spirit respect them. Despite you said you enjoyed I felt bothered in reading cause to me it almost felt like a raping, cause you were paralyzed like you said, you didn’t exactly had the chance of actually consent, he took you by surprise and you didn’t have a chance of deny or allow it, you said yourself you felt used, so if that’s something that truly bothered you and you don’t wanna to happen it again, be sure to tell this to him, and even make protection spell around you. Which leads me to my second point. Whenever you’ll call an entity make sure to create a protective circle, you said you were desperately, be careful with impostor entities that used those feelings to pretend be someone else. So make sure it was actually him, if you’re certain it was, I’d tell you to just create boundaries, don’t feel you own him because he’s always there for you, if something bother you say it, yes is yes and no is no, and every being in this universe must oblige to that. So if bothered you, tell this to him, tell that either you don’t wanna that to happen again or that you don’t wanna that to happen again without he warning you first, without you actually consent. As for the reason - if it was actually him - I can’t help, sorry. But my advice is this, be careful, be sure who you’re talking to and be firmly in creating your boundaries, you said yourself you’re nobody’s :clap:

Note: I’m also a huge spn fan :wave: haha but I’m more of a Dean girl haha


Yep that thought came to me afterwards.

I also had that thought at the start of his doing but he made it clear to me that it was him and I also knew and felt that it was Lucifer.

Omg yes Dean is a one of a kind, but I’m honestly a Cas girl. :heart_eyes:

Thank you!
I’m going to talk to him when it feels right, a nice serious talk.

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For some reason, I already knew this is Lucifer XD

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He does have this side, I’ve only occasionally seen it though. Not a lot because it feels intimidating and I’m not used to it yet, it’s hard to describe because I want him to be him, but I need to know his sides first before I interact, ya know?

I second what Luana said, set boundaries and say no when you’re not fine with what’s happening.


Right, than this is it just set boundaries ya know, he has to respect what make you comfortable or not, I think entities are not always aware that x thing will bother us or not btw.

Omg Cas is my baby :heart: I wrote only two fics on my life and both of them were about Cas haha I guess I can say I’m a Cas girl too haha

That’s right, talking is the key in any sort of relationship :wink:


Sorry to intrude or if my words sound harsh. I ask with the best of good intentions.

I don’t doubt you but How are you sure it was Lucifer?

If any Demon, no matter who tries this on me, would be “fired” exorcised and forever banished.

Impersonating Lucifer is something that happens a lot.
People often say after contacting a Lucifer they had good “feelings” and are satisfied with just that for many years, but ask yourself, what has this entity done concretely and solidly for your benefit?

Ask to sign his name or for him to appear in his true form in all his glorious and terrible hellish form.
If he changes the subject, refuses to sign, or gets angry… then we have another entity.

I don’t doubt that there are egregores and many Lucifer faces, but by my humble view, no angel or devil can say you belong to him or impose his will above yours.

I apologize if I somehow offended someone with my words, but it is necessary to think about the well-being of those who have questions or need answers.


Ahh don’t worry, I didn’t take it offensive. I understand your intentions. :blush:

Lucifer has done a lot for me these years whenever I’ve needed him, I trust him a lot.
But, this is the first time I’ve seen “him” like this. When I asked him if it was really him he didn’t speak verbally but I felt by his energy that he got mad. It made me think well his energy is as normally (not the angry part) so why am I doubting? I thought for myself deep inside " That anger is a big varning sign that it’s not him. " But I didn’t wanna see it because I’ve been raped before by my ex boyfriend 4 years ago and I connected this experience to that since it was out of nowhere and that I was paralysed. I really didn’t wanna see it so I tried to fool myself, denying it. That’s why I took it so emotionally afterwards on feeling used because I have no trouble having intercourse with spirits I stand close to. But this didn’t feel right at all, I mean I enjoyed it but the connection wasn’t there. Lucifer has never had the dominant attitude towards me since I am very independent as a person and I know Lucifer respects and likes that part of me. Honestly it makes me really sad to realize that I know deep inside that something was really wrong here yet I tried to trick myself just to not feel shit I don’t wanna feel.
It makes me feel very weak right now.


I’m sorry that you had to go through something like that. It’s understandable that you feel tricked and used. If you want a listening ear, my dms are open.

About Lucifer, I suggest you taking some time for yourself, and then talk to him about it after. The doubt itself is a sign that something’s off imo. And reading your experience with him, I’m pretty sure he would communicate.


Don’t feel weak or sad, I’m sure you’ll feel much better soon.
Always believe in your instincts, you don’t need entities as much as they depend on you.
Without you they will have to look for another way or person to manifest their presence and believe me, it’s not so easy for them. You have the power to deny and cut off their presence on this plane.

This loneliness you feel is normal and the search for answers and help in the occult happens to everyone, including me.
But put yourself in your rightful place where you control your destiny, your life and your happiness, whether using magic or not, it is you who cares for yourself.

You will never have a feast as long as you accept crumbs.

Believe and you’ll be fine soon, and have a Princess feast, as you well deserve.


You’re not weak and I hope you know is not your fault either. Is very normal of us deny something hurtful like this, whether in the spiritual world or in the mundane world.
Like some said, take a time to yourself, to heal from that, than create or reinforce your protection around you, and when call him or any entity, create a protective circle first, it helps keep those beings away. But everyone been there, I belive many people here had similiar experiences, so there’s nothing to be ashamed or feel weak about it, trust me, you’re actually quite strong for had overcome what you already have had.
And I’m also here, my dm is also open if you need talk, vent about it, anything. I’m sorry that this happened.


Thank you for that, I’m also there to listen for you in case you’d ever need it.

That’s what I feel like I should do.

That’s what we do, we communicate. We always have something to talk about.


I will without a doubt, it takes wayyy more to even break me just a bit. It sucks for the moment but it’s not gonna affect me badly.

Screw those crumbs lol, Thank you so much.

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I know it’s not my fault, thank you :slight_smile:

I feel like I’m going to cleanse myself and my room tonight and then putting protection.

Thank you, I’m also there for you whenever you need it.


To everyone here, thank you for your support I didn’t think it would end up like this or getting so much support. It warms my heart deeply and I appreciate your words.

Shit happens, even for us. That’s the thing. I bet that it won’t be the last bitch I’ll encounter but the next time I’ll be sure to bite back. The important part of it all is that I learn by this, which I feel like I have indeed. If there are no difficult experiences then how are we truly gonna learn?

It will probably feel a bit weird to talk to Lucifer when I feel like it’s right because of the impostor but I understand that the one I was with yesterday was not Lucifer and that’s alright because I’ll be more careful next time. I’m just gonna cleanse everything, meditate and get back on track. This is not stopping me from doing anything and I won’t cry for it because it’s not worth it.

Thank you all so much once again. :heart:


Half of my occult career was spent with this particular spirit. Communication is very much his forte.

The way I know him is to be professional but also like family. He would ask before he would make any advances.

I don’t say that to invalidate your experience or what you’re saying. However, I have always known him to be respective of boundaries and almost insistent that you have some yourself. Granted my relationship with him might be different from yours, OP.

Whether you continue working with him or not or choose to speak with him regarding this I do recommend that you get a reading done in regards to the situation to make sure you are not under attack.


I’ve also felt like that many times before. I always love having good talk with him, I even find his words calming.

Of course I’ll still work with him, I don’t plan to stop anytime soon. Thank you for your advice. :grin:

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Hmm. I don’t know. Are you even sure that this was Lucifer?!
I’m starting asking myself if I call another Lucifer than y’all, as my encounters are very angelic and pure?!
Sorry but I have to raise the question if that was really him.

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People have different experiences. Sexual experiences are not new, but they are not talked about often.

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No it wasn’t Lucifer.
I’ve seen that aspect of him though as you mentioned, but that was more when I was younger.

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