What the Angels taught me


If we didn’t have satellites, how are we able to get online?


radio towers didnt you heard internet wires under the ocean



If you could please explain why the boiling point of water is reached quicker (with the same homogeneous heating device/instrument) in a city like La Paz, Bolivia vs a city like Copenhagen, Denmark. This is an experiment you can carry out yourself. No need to “believe in what others say”. Yes, this has to do with Earth being round (actually an oblate spheroid) vs Flat.

If you can give me a coherent argument I may start considering the Flat Earth theory.

Thank you.


Not to be rude or arrogant but what is the point for me to waste my time convincing a person I dont know about a topic that will not change their life in any way and I sait it is like a ripped egg as in the story and depictions of Egypt and mesopotamia and on top of that the thought of believing what someone else told you without research is absurd Ive been through many more topics like this one try radiation as well there is no such a thing Nuclear bombs do not exist research thad topic aswell :smiley: and again it wont change your life at least end some fearmongering.


So no explanation for the time to reach boiling point of water at different altitudes on this planet. AND you do not want to be rude nor arrogant…Hmmm

However, you already come here and tell us that people not believing the Enuma Elish are dumb. I don’t mind you sharing your ideas and gnosis. You, see this is an open forum. Many people around here may speak against Yahweh or Allah.If you follow Yahweh/Allah no body is coming out to call you dumb/stupid or retard. UNLIKE YOU, if we don’t believe the Enuma Elish flat earth theory then we are dumb (you wrote that, check).

So now what, we should all be good and believe all you tell us? Because you’ve done your research? You’ve done research, then it must be published somewhere. Let me see it. Internet searching is NOT Research. You have lab (numerical) measurement that corroborate your theory then. I’d be happy to see it.

Look you are not convincing me and I am not convincing you. AND THAT IS FINE. But don’t come here and tell us we are dumb/stupid/retard because we don’t follow and share your convictions.


I didint say you are dumb and i cannot understant that about the water here is how it goes south is getting higher north is getting lower if that somehow explains something


Some of what you say is no doubt true. However the Earth is not flat and I don’t see how an entire meat based diet is beneficial, I find Fruits and Vegetables to be higher in terms of energy.


well here it is 10 days since I eat only meat first 3-4 days was exhausted drank milk maybe it was from it now I feel like a god on earth literaly like humans are lower form of entities :smiley: I feel this way my mind is clear and brain power is coming hard alot predator like and its awesome as saying that about humans I mean men I love women they are awesome :smiley:


Lol that thread is funny!!


I personally feel the human population is much lower then 7 billion. Fuck, our maps are lies.


And what about the parasites in raw meat?


hello op, i like your post and that you’re working with angels, but can you ask them about extraterrestrial life or aliens on other planet? I’d like to know If there’s other species similar to Humans, If you can then please also ask them about skinwalkers?


Because you pointed it out.

Sorry but this… Yaaaaaaa no.
I know fully trusting isn’t good but bringing raw meat, antivaxxing and flat earth into this shows lack of research yourself.
You believe it, w/e don’t tell others who have done their own research they are wrong just because you believe something they don’t.

I personally see it as crazy shit, specially having understandings of science and genetics but it’s not my reality we are discussing.


He makes valid points apart from the meat and flat Earth things. People do worship “Dark Beings” and not the pleasant kind.


We are considered by some to worship dark beings as well :rofl:
I don’t blow off everything here but it is clear from his responses he doesn’t have anything to back it up, which is disappointing.

My opinion is get some factual proof. He thinks this is real, then get some understanding of how the earth works to back it up.


So, I’ll ask this then…
Have you learned to evoke and Invoke?
Last time you posted you said you were talking to Daemons but from you description you couldn’t hear or see them at all but were making assumptions of what they were saying then asking us to find out for you.
As I said before you can’t work with something if you’re not talking to them.

I quote this only because you were jumping off a cliff and hoping something would catch you instead of learning to ask something to catch you.
How are you communicating with these “angels”?


well my ablities got better, I see where I was a little wrong with the demons but its a learning curve when I work with them again I will definetly give them blood sacrifice this time as they want it not the teddybear shit with rules as to what I want done to me because they made my life HELL—The angels at least listen and are more civilized. Demons are highly overmarketed as teddy bears if aproached like me you will bring hell into your life it is a character thing and I had family issues and fucked up blockages the demons helped clear the blockages as I see know I died very badly inside in 1 year of HELL it is like learn to swim or die no one cares I am a new being now I feel soo diferent it is amazing I dont know which entity did it but its awesome. Angels could be marketed as teddy bears like the royal family hat can help you but yet again that is someofawhat their role to keep the balance the demons are like king pin pimps like croocks that ve been in jail hardcore stuff they ve whipped my ass baad I dont know if many persons can go through theese shit nearly got insane well I am a little now but I like it. I will make a youtube channel about my journey :smiley:


I believe 90% is in the aproach and charater fiting they read you whole


Hows the carnivore diet working for you?
Still on it?