What the Angels taught me


All of my experience are good with them there hasn’t been any bad experiences and life is in peace.
Here is what they are teaching me as a Crystal child.
They taught me to eat only raw meat and are teaching me of blood drinking to stay healty and animal and human sarifices in ancient times uses in magic and as an offering.
They showed me the Nature of this plane of existence and what its about.
They made me see what state the world is in and here are the stuff they pointed out they may seem as conspiracy but they are not.
Real Human Population on Earth under 1 Bilion
Airplanes run on compressed air only and are 150-300km top speed all of them
Elite try to kill off humans with vaccines and plant foods and control them by dumbing down
Earth is Flat like
Diseases are Low energy beings
First fuel for cars was Alcohol stil used in whole Brazil costs nothing and is times better than petrol
Teaching me about woden houses and giving me ideas to build my own and life in nature
Constanly teaching me magic
They lead me to believe that the Elite worship some Dark gods and use angelic their powers against their will somehow.
And a thing I am not certain the Elite might be a few thousand years old since Egypt time and can be alive by eating children and Vampirising energy.


Eeeehh… Speechless…


^-^ why




actually to put it more direct the demons destroyed me psichachly made me extreemly fragile broke me down psychacly and emotionaly lowest I have ever been in my life I was devastated and I do not know if it was necessary still I have a feeling it was not and that things could have been waay better phisicly not so much fell of a motorcycle injury coudnt walk normal I was like the walking dead and Raphael healed me waay faster then again this happened when I thought that demons protected me which I was wrong so many times because I dont think theve ever had the angels build me up gave me my power back I dont know why such a different experience from most people here please everyone give me your thoughts as a description for my self I am extreemly smart for a 20 year old not an ordinary man to say the least not to brag somewhat lazy I am constantly combating lazines my morals are highly mixed I can accept anything as not a big thing a little like a psichopath and I might be although I have bad feeling if I do bad stuff, a little messed up learning to control emotions still have a bad habit of grudges and remember bad stuff revengful, in a battle I would play by the cheat rules like a snake run if you are stronger and when you sleep kill you as a character trait.


That is actually true.


wait are you saying the earth is flat


I was down with everything till Flat Earth showed up


same, ive astral projected over earth i didnt look flat to me


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Count this as your Journal @KingVelizar, please keep similar information in this thread, this is novel information for many and quite difficult to relate to so members may feel they’re being a bit bombarded by it, but keeping it in this Journal thread prevents that and means anyone interested can find everything in one place.

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Pretty sure it is my dead grandpa pretending to be Angels and Messing around. THe fucker didn’t even change in the astral realm.


I can relate to a lot of what you have been taught based on my own academic research.

Flat earth though…Lets leave that out of this.

The latter part of which you are unsure of, there are authors who have written
about this. There are stories of children going missing after a certain elite
figure goes to visit those countries.

As you say you are a crystal child…

How sure are you that these are angel’s and not E.T’s that you are working with? I’ve never come across information suggesting angels teaching such things. The authors who I spoke of
earlier, most of them allegedly received their information from E.T’s. It also seems very erratic, have you bothered to ask them how exactly all of this serves you right now?


It all started when I summoned Michael then the 4 archangels then Elubatel Razhiel Ebuhuel and 1 more they keep pointing me to this information.


the earth is btw flat in all ancient creation stories egyptian enuma elish everywhere they werent dumb and as the gods teach us now they tought then john dee believed it was flat and I mean like a ripped egg


But they didn’t have satellites


we still do not have satelites not need to open this topic research yourselves why do you allways have to believe someone


Raw meat is really unhealthy though. There’s a lot of bacteria in it that can make you sick. That’s why people always cook it.


I think beef is usually okay, you have to cut or sear the outer parts but the interior is usually fine to eat raw. We had some posts about this a while ago, I tried it, pretty interesting, I can definitely understand the appeal.



You said there aren’t any satellites? Could you please explain me how GPS (Global Positioning System)

Also LOL @ flat earth … really… would love to know the physics on that.