What steps to take to heal somebody who born with a disease

they say always start with medicine and then some energy work and i guess evocation ???
please share your opinion

Can you give us any info on what the disease is?

my friend is born with chronic hepatitis b
the doctor say there is no cure for chronic hepatitis B

If you have the necessary skills for spirit contact, get in touch with Raphael and ask him what’s needed.

Get your friend on a regular regimen of colloidal silver be sure to get the right kind though just remember the high voltage electrolysis makes smaller particle size and absorbs better into the bloodstream and the tissue. Use high amounts and compliment it with some probiotics for your gastrointestinal intestinal system. I do not make this recommendation to you as a doctor because the AMA would crucify me after castrating me with a spoon of course. I am just saying what I would do in a similar situation (physician heal thyself).

The FDA has been coming down hard on colloidal silver sending nasty letters and claiming side effects like blue skin possible head aches etc. And I’m like ok that’s all fine and dandy but have you seen some of the side effects of the medications they approve over night that end up on tv telling you that it will keep your hepatitis in check but unfortunately you will have a long list of side effects that the narrator has to speak super fast and soft so that you won’t hear or care. Oh yeah there’s a whole psychological element to the mind manipulation games played by the medical money moguls. The biggest lesson you learn when in medical school is (DON’T BITE THE HAND THAT FEEDS!!!) The lesser lessons are don’t question the authority and you will be stripped of your licence and fined and imprisoned if you suggest any treatment that can’t go through an insurance company and be certified by countless institutions that all follow the status quo.
When I was a baby I had a strange blood disease. My family took me to doctor after doctor and I would be ok for a little while then get sick again. My family was exceedingly wealthy at the time so money was no issue but after a long time of being sick and getting sick again my family had had enough. I was taken (off the medical grid) to top university doctors in secret. Because some of my family had build entire wings and stadiums for this university they were willing to help us out. They told my family that the disease could be cured in a matter of days and the doctors who were treating me before were only doing what they were told to do and what would be most economical beneficial to the hospital or themselves.

lol. Also Adam, do not forget to mention the effect the FDA has on peoples Wallets and Bank accounts… that is also another major disease/side effect.

[quote=“checker, post:3, topic:7956”]my friend is born with chronic hepatitis b
the doctor say there is no cure for chronic hepatitis B[/quote]

Sorry to hear that.

Illnesses usually have bad days and good ones, even terminal illnesses (I’ve watched some progress) so you need to think about, first, increasing good days.

Jupiter, I believe, rules the liver, and that’s one possible option - making a Jupiter talisman as per Israel Regardie’s guidelines (these can be done without any Biblical or Hebrew content if you don’t like that stuff) - you’ll need to get to grips with what this illness does, and create a Jupiter talisman to counter it.

I don’t feel like doing that research right now but shout me if you’re stuck.

Although some people will propose binding Jupiter energies with Saturnian, the book New Avatar Power proposes a “diminish Jupiter” spell, so each planet can be worked with to increase or diminish its specific energies. Again, a working knowledge of the mechanisms of Hep. B will guide you here.

In Chinese Traditional Medicine, the liver is viewed as an organ that can dominate others to their detriment, so that might be an area to research as well.

You could learn core shamanic journeying, and travel TO the liver, let me know if you want a tutorial on the basics for journeying.

Also, try the Raphael Mantra Wrap.

These are all very simple methods of manipulating energy, that don’t require years of skill because they’re already explained in layman’s terms for the benefit of people with no pre-existing ability to conjure, see clairvoyantly, etc.