What spiritual practices enhance mental/intellectual performance?

I know certain Spirits (Paralda is a good one.) can enhance Intellect, but I need to reach the Peak.
I am already using Nootropics like the Racetams and Noopept to enhance myself. They work.
I am using Mind maps, Certain memorization techniques ( Loci Technique, Mneumonics, etc.)
Being in Peak physical performance works wonders on the mind,
Anyone has tips on how to further enhance learning and Intellectual performance? I seek to become as Smart as I can become. Thank you.

Try Odinn, who has an interest in knowledge, and in Norse culture, being smart, well traveled, aware and well educated was tantamount to manliness.

Maybe also Leraye, as he has expertise in mental strength.

There An Daga who one of his epithets is red one of great knowledge or all knowledge both mundne and “heathen knowledge”