What spirit would you say carries a double-headed battle-ax

My friend told me about a dream he had
And he saw a naked male figure
But with no sex part being expose figure was sort of gold looking
And the figure had a double axe did some thing in front of him holding the double head axe

Something like that
I told him I’ll ask around


That’s really vague lol. With people here their immediate thought is a demon. But it could be a deity, or polymorphic entity, or some kind of elemental. Demons have sexes.


Lol I figure they would say that but I don’t think it was a demon at all., but he told me , in the dream he just saw him in a male figure spirits gold like the Oscar with a double-headed battle-ax in front of an entrance ( maybe a door standing next to the entity )
And the entity showed him the double-headed battle-axe in one hand then did something on it self
But he has no idea what it means

It’s vague

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Is the dream consistent or is the only time? Is there some level of lucidity in the dream?

he Told me It was one time , he could remember , seeing a weapon like this and male entity appear like that .
but he told me that , a spirit came to him shape as a women naked outside his window , the spirit call him telepathic to get up , while he was laying down and when he got up , in his mind eye he know that his body was still laying on the bed ( so I am hoping that’s what you mean with level of lucidity)

When he pull the window apart ,he never see her outside the sliding glass door is the spirit sex part not expose, benevolent spirit, the entity/ spirit wanted to come in , but he didn’t let her because he did recognize who it was. The entity just left.

Foresti (Norse god, not a demon) comes to mind, although I can only speculate

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Well, the fictional Tanar’ri Molydeus fits that bill.


Besides that? I don’t know. Any could look like it.

For me the Orisha (Yoruba God, not a demon) Shango comes to mind.

He is also associated with Thunder and Lightning…ask your friend if there was any of that. If so, it might be Shango.

If your friend says the man was with African/Black or maybe Cuban/Hispanic looking…it just might be Shango.


Like above mentioned it could definitely be Chango, he appeared in my meditation as a black guy in a red and white long sleeve button down, other times I dreamed of African currency and double headed axes like you said. Its possibly he could appear in gold since he was a king.


Figure look more like this


Reminds me of being’s Solar Body based on color gold description showing masculine and feminine transmuted sexual force (double head axe) depending on density & space opens to a number of possibilities.


Dreams and visions use symbols your friends vision could be sent from a deity or stress related. I don’t think the ax wielding man is true demonic figure but a symbol used to relay a message.

Axes are mankind’s earliest combined tools and weapons. The double headed battle axe is the main symbol and symbolizes conflict in his life.

It could be that others will challenge your friend. The ax has long been associated since ancient times with dangers and warnings. He needs to cut off the negative around him to notice a positive change.

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Very insightful thanks
I will share all of you insight

And everyone else that shed some light

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