What spirit should i evoke for studys in university?

hi guys so im learning hightech and computers right now and its very hard to learn…
what spirit/demon/angel can o evoke to help me learn better of faster? thnx alot

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It you’re serious and committed I’d really suggest Thoth

Athena can help give good strategies in battling difficult course work

And mnemosyne can help with your memory


Ganesha is good for studying too :slight_smile:


do you have some suggestuins for demons? and if you can link me to a sigil it will be nice

I would think paimon would be a good choice for this. Summoning him and asking for methods to improve memory, and for a familar to aid in the same would cover anything study related. That way your getting a boost from within and without.

Demons, King Paimon is the first to come to mind.

I never tried this, but possibly Belial would be able to help you out too, by manipulating your professors.

As for angels, I recommend two - Yezelel for exams (she’ll maximize the chances of a good grade) and Barkiel for intelligence (you will be able to think clearly, intuitively and with great intelligence).

Yezelel and Barkiel in combination work wonderfully.

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Xa turing for cyber knowledge, Belial to ensure the university doesn’t screw you over, Paimon to get you on the good side of your professors, Any spirit of the brain to improve your mental functions (preventing detrimental effects from lack of sleep, increased focus etc), any spirit of intellect to help you in the actual learning itself.