What spirit is the best to create problem to a person that you dont like?

Example there is a person that doesnt want to stay away from an other and I don’t like that.

Can you explain your situation in more detail?

I am in a relationship with a person and there is an other one that knows that I am with that person but he keep trying, no respect at all I don’t want to punish him really badly butpunishim yes, and I want that this Person stay far from her.

Just send him away. Making him go through problems isn’t going to solve anything. It might even make your girl more sympathetic to him.

Yes but I want to try with magic also because I wanna get better in evocation, I want to use him as test thaz why I asked what entity is good in that.

Yeah, use a spell to send him away. Put his name in a jar with repeling materia and shake it up until he leaves. Why waste the time of an evocation?