What spirit is helping me?

I know this seems like an odd request but I have often in my life felt like something was helping or just pushing things to be perfect. I have sought that kind of spirit for all of my occult studies, having gone through some demonolatry, and recently angelic pathworking.

Always though there are some moment where the energy feels very different, then any other, and suddenly what ever I have wanted manifests. I feel this way a little with Leviathan, although it’s still a different feeling then the usual heaviness(I am sure there are several beings that answer to that though).

I have meditated, prayed, asked other spirits but everything seems to just kinda jumble with my head, like I am supposed to know who or what the spirit is but since I don’t I can’t understand, if that makes any sense.

I don’t know if someone could scan me, give me some advice, etc. because it seems like a very powerful force when it is at work, I just can’t seems to pinpoint what or who it is.

Well, not really much of anything for us to go on. When I was in a similar situation, I went down lists of entities and used my intuition to try to narrow down who it was. It came down to 3. I then called on them and asked to feel their energy to see if it matched. One did.

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Possibly your Genius Spirit/Holy Guardian Angel?

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Sorry I know that isn’t a lot, to add the spirit seems to like when I am just just full on relaxed, to the point of irresponsibility. Urging me to indulge in anything I want then providing more of it. Makes my wife list for me more, makes her friends lust for me more and my wife very open to sharing.

Drugs, sex, stealing seems to be their thing, but at the same time I feel personally caked to be a good person. Going out of my way to help people or be kind.

I have tried narrowing it down, but I swear it’s like the spirit is playing around or being evasive on purpose in regards to its name and nature. This has made me suspicious before and had me try to chase it off, but it always comes back.

I feel like if I trust it everything will always work out, but if I want to truly get the most out of it I need to find their name and more about them.

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Maybe? But I don’t think so, I have done rituals to connect and communicate with my HGA, and it mostly self help advice and call to aspire to be my best most noble self.

This is more like, “do whatever you want, I got you” type of feeling.

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