What spirit / demon will suppress crosses and haunt property

Hello everyone, I am looking for some advice on how to haunt property and specifically this persons room. I went on a date with him and he ended up hurting me in some very messed up ways, I don’t want to go into detail because it will make me even more upset. He used my body in unforgivable ways and I want him to pay.

I was thinking about doing a freezing spell to stop progress in his career as he is an upcoming rapper.
And I was seeing how I could send a demon that would hunt his house but it’s filled with crosses. Ironically he talks about being one with God but then does f*cked up crap to woman. I want him to have restless nights and have his dreams be paraded with nightmares that no amount of cleansing to get rid of.

I want him to lose his job and feel an impenetrable burden 24/7 all days of the week. And for him to go into his room and feel instantly sick at the stomach. Lastly I want to send a spirit his way to always follow him and drain his chakras until there is barely anything left.

Now with my magic ability I am able to somewhat of what I listed above but I’m looking for something much more powerful.

I look forward to your advice, thank you.

The crosses don’t mean anything. It’s obvious he doesn’t believe in them so don’t worry about them. They won’t stop a demon.

Personally, i would create a servitor to haunt him. However, I wouldn’t tie it the house but to him instead. That way the spirit can mess with him no matter where he goes.

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