What spirit can help with mental illness?

This isn’t for me, so it would be indirectly to help someone else?

Specifically things like psychosis/skizophrenia? I know they need professional help to, but I need alittle support/help to direct things that way.

The issue is their an adult, and can’t be forced into treatment unless done so invoulantiry but due to circumstances haven’t received any but due to being unstable (due to the mental illness) need it.

So my question is, what spirit could help direct things (on an energetic level) to somehow direct them towards getting treatment in a indirect manner, but also help support them psychologically and of course emotionally?

It’s a complicated situation…

There is one spirit in Kingdom of Flames, Letana, if I remember right, that helps with encouragement.

Other than that, the brain is another organ, so the usual spirits should be the right ones. Marbas, Buer for demons, Raphael for angels, Papus for djins.


deities associated with healing can help facilitate it but spirits shouldnt be the end all be all of dealing with these things, maybe coupled with actual physical aid.


A review of Demons of magick in amazon, a guy comment Dantalion help his daughter with a mental problems dont remember it

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Rantka, the Healing Angel, from Kingdoms of Flame. He “teaches both magical and scientific methods of healing, and will show the summoner how the two are inseparably linked. Along with instruction in the methods of direct energy healing, and using medical techniques to their appropriate ends, Rantka teaches the use of herbs and minerals to heal the body and enliven the mind.”


All of the above mentioned, as well as a spirit I have encountered named Estel. I go into detail about her in my Beelzebub journal but might be worth checking out for you, as she seems to specialize with the mind and emotions.

But like @Velenos and yourself said, this will need to be accompanied with therapy and other physical treatments as well


Im aware. But the person refuses treatment and is over 21. So unless there is an “emergency” where they would have to be evaluated, then me or my family are unable to make them recieve treatment. I am trying to be supportive of them, but their not exactly stable, and have been aggressive before. Due to instability/etc.

Which is why I wanted a little help/support to what I’m/my family is already doing.

The last time the police came over they only took a report (during one of the incidents), we didn’t press charges but also for some reason it was chosen not to have a SAS worker evaluate the person. I don’t want another situation like what happened, which is another big reason behind my post.

So the issue is that they refuse to see they need help, if I’m understanding correctly. I was in a similar place not all that long ago. King Paimon was able to help me immensely. Now, granted, I was resentful for how he did it for a while (sending me back to the psych ER), but I’ve come to feel very grateful.


King Paimon and Archangel Raphael would be my go-tos for anything psychological.

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I think I’ll go with them yes. From what I’ve heard. It’s definitely psychological – chemical.

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Yes that is the issue.

When in doubt, you can do what’s called involuntary commitment where, if your buddy is a danger to themselves and/or others, you can admit them to a psychiatric clinic without their consent.



I’ll take a look at that. That’s what I feel it comes down to from what I’ve heard. The person is over 21, but due to the psychosis refuses treatment or doesn’t even realize they need it.

The person has been both a danger to self and others (had incidents in past) but frustratingly was not psychiatrically committed to a hospital due to whatever reason.

Thanks for the advice, I very much appreciate it everyone.


Raphael forsure, but one can’t help if they can’t help themselves, this is their journey.

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I feel as if spirits, demons especially, don’t work with mental illnesses in the same way as humans do. Working with them involves confronting yourself.

But maybe leviathan.