What spirit can help me w/ my specific task?

I have been going through Evoking Eternity, online resources and other grimoires…

Basically I want a spirit that has any speciality that is in the realm of mood, psychological state, brain chemistry etc. Depression runs in my family and it’s very hard to enjoy life sometimes. I believe depression is both genetic and learned. I am determined to defeat it and have a better life…however NOTHING I’ve done has worked, I am not weak, I am not a ‘feel sorry for myself’ person.

Could Belial do this? From what I’ve read altering mental state isn’t his SPECIALTY, but I have the impression his powers are pretty unlimited.

Thank you in advance for any advice. It’s very appreciated!

You could very well ask Seere. I worked with him and discovered that he’s very good at altering personalities and shit.

Or you could summon Paralda. He’s the one with the mind.

If it doesn’t work either, try Dantalion.

Raphael. Guardian angel, seems very kind and caring towards me and is said to be an angelic physician, EA speaks of him healing his daughter from a life treating illness that doctors couldn’t and within a day she was better and doctors were in shock. Look for the vid, so I’m sure that entity could handle some mental disorders.

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