What spirit can help me move out?

I’m 18 currently living at home, NY’s housing is horrible, a lot of over priced homes and for a full time college student like me there’s no way i’ll be able to afford it, is there a spirit who could help me? Currently where i’m living with my parents isn’t the best and i would love nothing more than to be able to live in my own comfortable space while being able to afford it


I’ve read Belial is doing very good workings currently.

Generally, i’d advise you to eather study Buisness and Real estate related stuff in your free time, or to consider studying deception and how to Train social skills.

In the first cenario, you go more into Long term owning, with the benefit of Managing the properties.
In the secound Scenario, you become good at being flexible about living situations, and learn to cope with a variety of People.

(The first Approach is more a leader type, the secound more a Follower type. -generally spoken. Combinding both, is more complex, but well doable. - in that case i’d strongly suggest working with Leviathan and Azazel.)




trust me i know new york’s housing issues all to well xD in more or less the same situation. I have a few other matters to address before looking for a house, but I was leaning towards clauneck, I called upon him before for money and that worked quickly, I’ve read in other places that he can also be used to help you find houses and cars at a good deal.


The moon and mercury are a good planetary magic combo for finding a new place.


Chaos imo

Try to find a roomate. A lot of people have extra space and your family might be more accepting if you are living with someone.

Make a dream board. Write down a list and/or cut out pictures from magazines or print out pics that represent your ideal living situation while in college.put them on cardboard or poster board and hang it up. That way you see it every day and it focuses your mind on your goal.


Have u trogut of peace corps…? Easy way to live hpuse

How so?