What Spirit Can Be Called on to Make My Voice Deeper?

Hi, I am just wondering if there is a spirit that I can have make my voice permanently deeper. Thanks is advance!

I thin you must have incarnation of some spirit to learn this and also maybe your throat chakra is blocked so start the mantra HAM, I have the same problem want to make my voice stronger

I am getting rid of my chakras soon, so will this still help? Thanks


One word, assuming you’re male, “testosterone”.

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One word, “Beelzebuth”. (Baal-Zebul)
After some invocations, my voice started sounding nasty. It stopped after our workings were called off. Certain spirits can help with boosting bodily health, also testosterone and stuff for men.

This guy hasn’t posted in almost two years, so I doubt there’s going to be a response.

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