What sort of spirit could this have been?

I was lying in bed almost falling asleep, when I felt some entity fly in my mouth and start zooming back and forth in my head. I dragged it out with the force of my will and told it to tell me what it was and what it was doing. I could not hear what it said since I was not in a trance state and didn’t want to risk telepathically communicating with some unknown entity. I decided to hold it out in front of me and preform the archangel calling from Damon Brand’s book to cast a circle around my self before telepathically communicating with it. I turned my attention to this ritual and by the time I finished it was long gone. I suspect that the ritual banished it.

It appeared as a black and gold orb with a tail, not unlike a sylph in appearance, but it’s energy signature very unlike that of an elemental, feeling significantly weaker. It felt vaguely demonic. The only thing I could hear it say was “i came here to…” at which point I lost contact.

Probably a shot in the dark here, but does anybody have any clues as what it was and what it wanted?

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Orbs are said by some to be messengers.

For myself I generally pit things like this is the “astral wildlife” bucket and don’t work about it any more than I worry about insects and squirrels in the physical.

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