What sort of magic is taught in Freemasonry?

As in the title. There are tons of their lodges where I live, so it just might be a good idea to join,

They’re just social clubs for policemen and wannabe social climbers. Hardly anyone knows or cares about magic…imo.

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As far as I know the Freemasons is a group for workers, carpenters and the like. I don’t think they even use magic. (Source; my grandfather was a Freemason)


Why the hell do they have the third eye as their symbol, then?

And well… considering how dominant christianity still is, it seems simply natural that they would keep their magic a secret. Even from their own families.

The freemasons don’t practice magic.
I seem to remember reading that they originally had links to the illuminati, hence the all seeing eye.


Get a book on Freemasonry. It used to mean something about 200 0r 300 years ago yknow when occultist notaries like famous Satanic composers or famous earth shattering alchemist-scientists got involved and met in secret to discuss the overthrow of Catholic ignorance and hasten in the Age of Reason.

Now the silly cunt who rewires your house and his uppity housewife mrs is in there


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Most are a Christian men’s club.

If you want magick, you will need to find your community mages that are also Freemasons and work backwards.

If you walk in at the first degree and try to evoke ******* to show off they will probably cast you dead in a ditch.

You have to be the bitch per say for years before you can put forth any ideas or agendas.

I am trying to find an old friend I had under my DrknessNC facebook account before the Real Names bastards nuked it.

There are Black Magick Masons…Start there instead of hoping a chapter will accept your ideas.