What should I say to the demons I don't want give offering?

I promised to give two demons a offering a week, but I didn’t specify a time, I don’t want to make a vow anymore. What should I say to them ?

“Sorry I don’t keep my promises.” ?


If you promise an offering, you should give it.
And if you changed your mind and don’t want to work with them anymore, you should at least explain your decision to them and give another offering, some sort of “Sorry that I wasted your time.”


Well you should have thought that earlier.
İ remember breaking my promisee, it never end so well
Maybe you can explain why change your mind.
İt depends on the spirit though.
İf tou have nice communication with them it should be fine.


Are you saying you started a pact, and now you don’t want to continue with the pact?

Call them telling them you want to end the contract, make the offerings in good faith until you have formally spoken to them cancelling it on both sides, so they’re not doing work and you’re just not reciprocating. The sooner you call the better.


Just be prepare if said spirit decide to… You know, if bad things start to happen ‘out of nowhere’ and the spirit turn against you, that’s very valid.

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You should honor your promise as best you can until if you are able evoke the spirit you evoke it and discuss making a mutually agreed upon end to the contract.

If you do not honor your promise I can only imagine how angry the spirit will be I cannot say what they will do in anger but I’m sure it won’t be something you want to happen.

Some beings human and spirit alike value
honor above all else. Think of the Samurai as an example. You would not have wanted to display dishonor to a Samurai it would end badly to put it mildly. Spirits are at least as old as the time period of the samurai or even older then the samurai period so they will not be like modern human beings and shrug it off lightly if you break your word. They will not be inclined to let it slide. They are from a time period that valued honor far more then we do today, remember that.

If you don’t know about samurai think King Arthur and the knights of the round table and the fact that they had a code of honor to live by too.

Regardless of which historical time frame example you as a way to understand the importance of honor to a spirit, honor your agreement and negotiate a mutually acceptable out. Don’t just stop keeping your end of the deal cold turkey without discussing it with the other party or parties involved. To do so is to ask for big ass trouble.