What Should I Make?

Hello there everyone!

So,I am NOT new to magic.And I also have yet to come out of the broom closet.But I have made the decision that my Pagan religion(well,I’m a black magician,I’m not exactly ‘‘pagan’’ but I guess Pagan is the simplest way of expressing it),and my magical practices,have become such an important part of my life,that I will want a keepsake of them in my everyday life.

Because there’s a boy that I know,who’s constantly yammering on and on about how all Pagan gods are demons in disguise,and how powerful the teachings of the Qur’an are,and blah blah blah,and while I respect Muslims and their faith,and have no qualms with using their spiritual system for my own purposes,hearing that kind of thing makes me want to simply draw a bunch of sigils and open them just so I can profess to the demons,angels,and gods that I work with(including my own Godself) how much I love them!

Just as some people wear necklaces with verses of the Qur’an written on it,or a crucifix,I’ve decided that I want to wear an amulet around my neck.

Alright,so I’m still in the broom closet,so I’m keeping that amulet as hidden as is possible.It will be there,simply to feel a stronger connections to the powers that move in my life.

That said,what should I wear around my neck?I’ll be making this thing myself,etching a symbol onto a piece of metal bound by a string,so there really isn’t much of a limitation.

It can be a pentagram(inverted because I’m LHP)?It could be the Seal of the Sorcerer from KoF?It could be Djehuty’s name in hieroglyphs,or Paimon’s sigil?It could be the three moons to honor Mother?It could be the alchemical symbol for Sulfur?

I’m asking for ideas,here.What would THE PERFECT symbol FOR ME?

[quote=“Arcane, post:1, topic:6621”]It can be a pentagram(inverted because I’m LHP)?It could be the Seal of the Sorcerer from KoF?It could be Djehuty’s name in hieroglyphs,or Paimon’s sigil?It could be the three moons to honor Mother?It could be the alchemical symbol for Sulfur?

I’m asking for ideas,here.What would THE PERFECT symbol FOR ME,be?[/quote]

What about an inverted pentagram with spirit names in a double circle round the outside that are specific to you?

Or your own godname, A.O.Spare-style sigilised, in the centre? :slight_smile:

You could also carve “No Gods, No Masters” on the back to echo the kinda BALG groove, I just went through a ton of my own old diary files this morning and that was the last bit of “UPG” I got just PRIOR to finding this site, a reminder to accept mastery from no (hu)man, no theory, no gods, and so on. And I think vibing with that (forgive the hippie-speak!) probably helped bring me here…

I was thinking just this evening of getting a vest with the inverted pentagram & “No Gods, No Masters” printed on, to wear beneath the reasonably straight stuff I usually adorn my goddess-bod in! :smiley:

I sometimes draw stuff on myself in marker pen, like BindRunes and sigils, it’s getting a bit annoying though because if I sit bundled up, they smudge onto another bit of skin and I end up looking totally weird.

Well, weirder than I looked already, for having drawn all over myself! lol!!

What resonates and what sayings empower you the most? Sigilise them, maybe?

I’m currently working on something similar :slight_smile:

Basically I’m condensing all my spiritual (and just general life) goals into separate statements and then sigilising them, and eventually I’ll combine all the individual sigils into one. Then I’m going to have it made into a pendant.

how about if you light a candle and meditate in the dark, when it’s quiet and still, with a piece of paper and pen or pencil in front of you, and let your mind wander as you ponder the question of what kind of symbol you want?

may be it’ll come to you through your meditation, and you’ll end up with a unique symbol all your own that no one else has.

just an idea. : )

My talisman’s chain is this cloth thingy I got from DogsTrust.My amulet is made of cardboard!It’s inscription is written with a marker!And yet,once charged,once imbued with the full essence of magick,and the God within,it will become effective,real,and powerful.More so than an amulet not imbued with such power.

Both sides have double circles.

Inside one,my Godname’s letters are broken down and written on the sides,while around it is ‘‘Alash tad’alash tel’ashtu’’.Inside this circle,you will see the Seal of the Sorcerer,from EA Koetting’s Kingdoms of Flame.

On the other side,the same Godname broken down,and between those letters, ‘‘No Gods,No Masters’’.

Here,you will find an inverted pentagram.In the core of the pentagram,you will see a Unicursal Hexagram,symbolizing the raw WILL of the Godself that works magic,and on two sides of the pentagram is an ancient Egyptian hieroglyphic,associated with my Godname(something that’s too cuckoo to come out of the Kitty Box for now)

At the top,my Godname written yet again.

And at the bottom my real name,symbolizing the union of the two,and sulphur(The Leviathan Cross),symbolizing all that sulphur means to the forces of darkness.This symbol forms a triangle with the symbols for salt and mercury written beneath my name and Godname respectively.

Alright,so I just charged the thingy.

With chalk,I drew a pentagram on my desk,and placed it in a circle,before placing a candle on every point.I filled a bowl with water,and placed it westwards,before consecrating it.

I meditated,as an opening,and then I did the ‘‘In Darkness Bound’’ meditation,before gazing at the candles and consecrating them,one by one.

When all of that was done,I commanded the pentagram to open,as a gateway to magic,and placed the amulet at its heart.I gazed at the pentagram,feeling the magic rising from within and without.

I commanded the Heavens to open,and called to the Forces of Light,after which I commanded Hells to open and called to the Powers of Darkness.Both came,and the floor around me looked dark,and the ceiling above me felt light.

So I commanded the two to converge and they did.I called all the elements,sensing each one of them,before I decided to summon my Godself.I used EA’s chant for evoking a spirit,and used my Godname as the name.

I told all the spirits that I work with,to come to my temple,and fill the amulet,and I commanded the Godself to become it.I then opened the inscriptions on the talisman like sigils.

After a time of doing this,I lifted the amulet with my right hand,and hovered it above the pentagram,repeating my Godname,while funneling my energy into the thing.

Some poltergeist activity happened,namely my lamp did this strange noise,as though someone had moved some springs.

I did this for several minutes,five I think,before I realized the amulet had a pulse.Literally,it was vibrating.

I then commanded the rtitual be done,commanded the item be charged and act as my gateway to my own godhood,at which point I extinguished the candles,and meditated in darkness.

When I was done,I used a towel and the water to get the chalk out,and after that,I still saw the pentagram flashing,so I had to actually banish it with an incantation and everything.

I also cleaned myself with the water,and put some at my doorstep just cause.