What should I do now?

I have tried contacting Lucifer a few times:
Twice with two different sigils;
Two more times with two different sigils while using the enn;
I have also tried to sleep with the sigil under the pillow, just in case, after using the enn.

All those times, I tried using the sigils in the way described here: https://www.becomealivinggod.com/newsletter/how-to-start-using-spirit-sigils-to-get-anything-you-want.html

All of those attempts failed, so should I keep trying different things or simply wait for him to contact me (assuming he knows I attempted to contact him)?
Also, it is not a spell (so do it and wait for it to take effect), I am more interested in speaking to him at least once.


What actually happened, did you feel his presence or notice candles doing anything different, or anything you wrote off as coincidence?


Nothing at all, unfortunately.

I had just a weird dream today (days after my last attempt) which seems unrelated to Lucifer or magic in general.

I always check time when I wake up, so I dreamt that I was checking time when I woke up and it showed 8am in the time widget of the phone and 10am on the top right corner and this went looping for 4-5 times, each time thinking I had actually woken up until I would see two different times.

I do not think it is related and it is surely different than what other people have experienced, they all seem to have gotten even a brief greeting from Lucifer but absolutely nothing when I did it :pensive:

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Work on your astral senses, do some energy work and maybe ask him to help you with that during the next practice. That’s why I haven’t done any evocation work yet I simply don’t think I had enough practice in basics ( time management really bad in this one ) to have it all covered. I’ll make sure when I do, I’m well prepared.

There’s some good articles here regarding that, also I’m reading Konstantinos- Summoning Spirits and he had an entire chapter about how to start with developing those senses. I think you should give that a read.

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Try chanting.



Maybe try a 3am evocation in the dark with no electrical interferance such as lights etc. Set the altar up and I always use Black candles. I put a drop of blood onto his sigil and chant his Enn repeating it probably 50 times and building up intensity.

Just an idea,everone does it a little differently, this works for me and I have evoked him weekly for nearly 3 years now.

Watch for the flame growing bigger and waves of energy.