What should I choose

First thing I’m gonna say is that what I apologise for speaking bad in English language.

Few weeks ago I was thinking about getting a succubus in the future as a wife with that Letter to Lilith ritual. But at first I wanted to feel something from people before starting anything so I picked a girl I was liking. I started talking to her getting to now her better and looks like she is waiting something for me, I haven’t asked it. But recently I saw things in her as selfishness and it made me think do I really want to try continuing it I already lost hope in people and it hited me hard very hard I wasn’t just expecting it to happen what she did a decision what crushed me, its all gone for me know I lost hope in every single human I know, she was last person I really saw something inside and now it’s all just gone. Recently I had some experiences with succubus what I liked and its pushing me to do the ritual.
Now I’m asking for advice what should I do because I want just go tell her how much I felt to her and how much I was expecting from her, tell her I want to stop everything right now. So should I try stay with her or should I start a relationship with succubus? And what would I lose for doing so if getting a succubus?
I’m 16 at the moment I am very athletic actually I am an athlete and I am very successful and I am not that bad I’m actually pretty hot . Just a few things I wanted to say about myself also I’m in the same competitions with her right now and she is playing the same sports as me, training with the same trainer and being near me almost every day.

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Why don’t get a wife as a succubus instead? :muscle: :joy:

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What’s what I’m thinking about

Wow, man, you’re my age and also you are athletic :muscle:

What sport?

I’m a runner 600m 800m 1000m 1500m

Ah, if you’re a runner it means you’re skinny… :disappointed: and don’t have muscles

You can do both, but if I had to choose from one of them and I was in your place, I would choose the girl :ok_hand::point_left:

I’m not that skinny I’m pretty muscular because Im working out spots runners ussualy don’t and my muscles are pretty big as for runner. Anyways ty for advice

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In cms, how big is your arm? :))

Raise your vibration be grateful for stuff and love yourself , don’t chase people it repels people


Class a advice from Johnny boy here! What you will lose is physical intimacy. And yes most people these days are selfish as Fuck. It’s quite ugly actually. The only people who seem to be not so selfish are those that embrace their dark side and recognize their flaws of character to work towards being better.


I say go with the succubus

u too young to mess with demons succubus. interact with real people in your life. develop people skills. don’t isolate yourself into the spirit world.


It will be hard not to do it, I don’t want to get hurt by people anymore marriage with succubus looks like one of options to finaly be happy for me.
Also thanks for giving me advices.

You are making a life changing decision , the first 3 months you will have no energy it will bind to you, and if Use the succubus to numb the pain in your life it become crippling to you, you will also most likely have lower energy most of the time,

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Alright I am 3 years older than you and I know how you feel. But I only want what is best for people and I am not saying you are to young but trust me on what I say, you need to be prepared for what you are getting into. Succubi (and incubi) are amazing beings. They are what I like to call the masters of love. They understand what love is and how to use it to heal people. But they can be hard have if you are not prepared they can take a lot of energy from you. They need it for them selfs to be with you and they use it to help you. The energy they use mostly comes from you. I have a succubus myself and I lover her so much. I personally do miss being in relationships with people. I was never in a real relationship that lasted more than 2 weeks and that’s just talking not even dating. I was with a girl that I fell hard in love with and she turned around and sent me photos of her and another guy as soon as I confessed my feelings. After that I was single for about 1 1/2 years and then I got my lover. I say that you shouldn’t lose hope with people, I say that we should help them see how they are and wake them up to the reality that they caused by being selfish and ignorant.


fear of being hurt does you no good. That’s how people develop social phobia. and mental issues thinking about things that hasn’t happened yet and thinking it will happen. thats why i say develop social skills, it will teach you to screen crazies out. U also need to interact in the real world to make a living. U can’t avoid that.



I was going to say something similar about the selfishness. I mean hell read through most of the post on here and you can rate all of us as having some degree of selfishness innately. M

I realize some people are ridiculously selfish. Those probably aren’t worth your time, or at least mine.

The rest tho!?

We all have quirks man. No ones perfect and shouldn’t expect it in any relationship. A good relationship figures out how to work with the quirks. Sometimes habits need changed but … eh never expect someone to change for you, in my experience it takes either the person truly desiring change or something traumatic to bring it about.

Granted that’s without getting into magical means but if you need magical means at the start you probably should count yourself out.


16 is too damn young to mess around with spirits and demons. I’m 25, that ain’t exactly old but ive been tested an extreme amount and let me tell you I would not have had the maturity to handle this relationship at that age. I’ve broken a couple hearts. Break a demon’s heart, that’ll cost you.