What separates angels and demons?

I understand angels and demons work together and aren’t at war with one another like the Abrahamic faiths teach. That said, what separates an entity from being classified as angel versus demon? With the term “fallen angel”, this alludes to an angel crossing over into the demonic classification. Have demons ever crossed into the angelic classification? Is the separation based upon personal ethics on how to address problems/evils in the world? Is it based on which group came into being first? Thanks for your time.


Angel is a different race, demon is a different race.

Some like each other, some dont like each other, it’s not really anything religious, it’s just common for individuals to not like each other, like each other, so on and so forth.

Many have crossed just as in many myths where Gods like Inari have made humans into Kitsune for example.

Common thing is they’re both born, grow up, stop growing at a certain point, have parents, grandparents, a whole family tree, etc.


/\ yep, that pretty much explains it. For example, Metatron does not like me lmao


Im no longer convinced there is a separation…I find the classifications and absurd. I prefer a simpler mindset where they are called spirits…U can ask them in all honesty.


When i asked Lucifer If i should work with Sephiroth, he adviced to stay only working with qliphoth, because If i work with Sephiroth, there is a great chance to be purified with Sephiroth light, so i dont think Angels And demon fit so well. When a friend of Mine invoked metatron, azazel and my Guardian daemon were not so happy with his presence, this friend is clarivoyan. So i dont think that Angels And demons work so well together like some people say, but it’s my personal gnosis And experience.

I think that some demons are fallen angels of jehovah heaven, And some were born in hell, And anothers demon never been in heaven and always were from chaos,’’ bornless in chaos’’

never worked with angels, from what i have read there is independent Angels that are not jehovah submissives


I’ve never had a problem. I’ve had many angels and demons in the same room together without issue.

The only real difference between them, in my experience, is in how they work. Angels tend to work from the top down, by manipulating cosmic and other “higher” energies, while demons tend to work from the bottom up, utilising more physical energies that are closer to the Earth.

Angels and demons are more alike than different. They both have their own agendas, and ideas on what they think is best for us humans, and both will do what they can to push a magician to go a certain way.

Personally, I don’t believe there is such a thing as a “fallen” angel. That’s pure religious dogma, based on the idea that an angel is “pure” and the physical plane is “dirty.”


Andras doesn’t want me to work with Raphael for my health issue’s

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My understanding of “fallen” is to find oneself on the otherside of the wall that separates a lower plane from a higher one. Not good/pure or bad/dirty. Just a location shift. I can see your point and appreciate your perspective.


It’s just different “ currents “ , angels work in lighter ways , no angel is going to cause gruesome nightmares to work through ones shadow like asmodeus would

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The way I see fallen simply means they left or were banished from their home, it doesn’t have to be seen as negative or even so wide spread. Angels having light energy element and demons dark energy element, albeit their roles are insanely exaggerated imo.


I think the best way to answer this question is to experience the spirits for yourself. This is not the first time this question has been asked or discussed around here, and if you do some searching, you will find a huge variety of different opinions, some more coherent than others, and all unavoidably biased.

Some will tell you angels are good while demons are evil, and some will say the opposite. Some will say that angels are more lofty and closer to God, while demons are more base and closer to the material. Others will claim that there is no difference, and that all spirits are essentially the same. Some will assert that all angels serve a bloodthirsty and false god while demons are honorable and wise. Others will claim that demons are snarling monsters that tempt humans into illusion and damnation, while angels provide the only true source of magick. I could go on like this for some time.

There is some amount of truth in each of these ideas, but it is my view that understanding only comes through direct experience. You can read and search around all you want, and you are unlikely to ever run out of material to consume. You could continue to pose these questions to the group, and thus continue to drown in the cacophony of opinion after opinion, some coming from experienced and successful practitioners, others coming from overly zealous armchair magicians. There is much value in such discussions, but only to a point.

I don’t mean to dissuade your curiosity, but I would encourage you to seek answers to these sorts of questions through your own magickal work. It is in the practice of magick where such mysteries are unfolded and revealed. Allow the angels and demons themselves to show you their natures, and there will be no need for you to rely on the thoughts and opinions of others.


It’s not that the physical plane is dirty, its that the astral plane is not ‘space’ as we know it, Archangel Michael reaches into the astral plane all the time to rescue any willing spirit from the depths of this pit of many things.

If he will not let one soul be left in the dark, there must be a divide. They are under strict order to bow to man, that’s the whole point, whether they like it or not as to do anything else is to suggest the divine is wrong, the ultimate light. The light can be turned off therefor in a second.

Sulphur, rott, darkness is all you get if you do not want the light - man, is known to be impure and not of the light, yet, but has the ability to be enlightened to vibrate higher. You cannot make light from dark, no smoke without a fire.

Why would you decline happiness, love, warmth, of the light in favour of anger, bittenress, rage, you experience as a teenager - its exhausting!

For me then, I am to be better than I am now, vibrate higher, faster, purer - it may take me a few deaths and births to get there.


The demon literally sees things only in a different light


You speak the truth here, opinions are ever endless. You can easily be deceived, you can get warmth from something dark, you have to look at the motive, the bigger picture, trends also. If organised chaos is your idea of bliss where you destroy each other on a whim, then that’s your bag. I know for fact though angels of light will not, and do not act or respond in ways that is not good for you. You may want money, but if money will destroy you or others, you wont get it. You get what you want right now with blinkers on in other arts, if it destroys you, you asked it.

Id prefer guidance, and insight, than left on my own feet in the darkness.

That’s the point, be part of a team who value you for who you are, not what you can do for something, that is a pattern i have seen over and over.


Speaking as an incarnate daemon, angels and demons as in “fallen angels” aren’t different races, there are exactly the same thing with different attitudes. I just call them 'Daemons" and avoid all xtian dogmatic terms where possible.

However xtians label absolutely everything ‘demon’ that isn’t on the approved contact list, like a jealous gf that doesn’t like your mates. “Don’t talk to her, she’s evil!”.

So there are many types of beings labeled demon including “fallen” (there’s no such thing) angels, human ghosts, fae, shadow people, aliens and all astral wildlife. It’s why the term is almost useless imo.

This also makes me an incarnate “demon”/“angel”. Since I’m sired by and aligned with Azazel that one nasty, judgemental religion would call me ‘demon’. While other religions call me bohdisatva. It doesn’t matter really.


I appreciate your input. I like to ask opinions from others to see different perspectives and come across questions I may not have come up with on my own. I plan to ask someday, but for now I want to see where general consensus lays. Similar to being a new employee and trying to gauge how trustworthy all of your co-workers are first before testing it out for yourself to see how much is true. I don’t know if that makes any sense.


So in your opinion and experience, is the main difference basically a matter of philosophy: social attitude and code of ethics that varies from each group?

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I second this.

Angels are not all fluffy and nice either though. I had a very painful moment with Archangel Raphael in the beginning of my work with him.

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Fallen angels are usually from Jehovah or Odin and not all demons are fallen angels and some of them fell directly from the Source (The Lie)

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That is not exactly true, angels will do that and certain ones can make it so that you can never work with spirits again and take away all purpose in your life and destroy your very soul (demons can do this as well)

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