What Satan told me

So I asked satan “how do I stop feeling guilty about everything” he says “find the evidence then submerge it into darkness” what are your thoughts on this?

That’s the problem of being raised with a Christian influence, they get you feel guilty about everything. I am part of that and i am struggling with it too but you have to keep in mind that you are the most important person in your life and that you deserve everything you want to. So i totally agree with Satan.


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The feeling of guilt is there because of a specific belief - evidence - in your subconscious. Relax and try to find it. Is it your subconscious belief in some kind of divine punishment ? A fear of being judged by others or by yourself because you seek perfection in everything you do? Only you can know for sure.

Whatever it is, find it and get rid of it. And you will stop feeling guilty. You may need to use long-term subconscious programming. Affirmations, visualizations etc To re-condition your mind with your desired belief. Once this happens, the old belief will be “submerged into darkness”.


That is very interesting to know this will be extremely useful to me

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I used to experience that Christian guilt a long time ago but I don’t anymore. Believe me, guilt is a sickness.
I believe that guilt is a manifestation of a subconcious belief, mainly indoctrinated when we are kids, that make is feel that we don’t deserve the things we want when in reality is quite the opposite. We deserve everything we desire!